Decision Time For Donald

Decision Time For Donald


R.E. Prindle


As the euphoria of having a candidate who talks the way we want him to talk fades perhaps a deeper evaluation of Donald Trump is called for. His recent snarking of David Duke gives cause to pause.

The brutally savaged Duke who chose exile in Russia to constant debasement in the US suggested that until there was a little more light between Trump and the Jews it was a bit early to endorse his candidacy.

Indeed, since Donald is spouting off contrary to cherished Jewish goals on immigration one is astounded to see the level of vituperation no higher than it is. Anyone old enough to remember the savaging that Johnson and Nixon took is quite aware of what Liberals and Jews are capable of. Why are they so restrained? Is it because Home Boy Trump is playing the stalking horse for the gang?

Fears of Trump being a mere red herring have haunted many of us from the beginning. Is the whole thing merely a charade? Is it a clever script in which fake brouhahas such as, perhaps, the tiff between Trump and Megyn Kelly during the first debate is meant to divert and amuse us so we neglect the substantive issues?

Trump’s reaction to David Duke is troubling. True, Duke has been pushed outside and shunned as disreputable but as time goes by his views are being substantiated. Donald’s reaction fits a Jewish script perfectly. He says he doesn’t want Duke’s endorsement and if he got it he’d reject it. Still, Donald appears to have a very close relationship to what Duke might call the Jewish Occupation Government. Perhaps closer than the traitorous Congress we have now.

How is it that the premier of Israel, another government, arrives in the US and addresses Congress without the US president’s leave? How is that? Why wasn’t he thrown out of the country? Does Netanyahu believe this country’s ‘special relationship’ gives him precedence in our politics? Why wouldn’t he, he got away with it.

Duke’s questioning of Trump’s acceptance of that relationship is perfectly legitimate. What would Trump do if Netanyahu repeated his insolence? Donald has to decide whether he is going to reject the ‘special relationship’ and reassert US preeminence or he is wasting his time and ours. Donald can kiss his hopes goodbye if he refuses to address these questions of Duke’s and ours.

Stand and deliver Donald Trump.


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