Donald Trump: The Man On The White Horse



Donald Trump:

The Man On The White Horse


R.E. Prindle


This will come as no surprise of course, but according to Patrick Buchanan a serious movement to deny Trump membership in the Republican Party is afoot. Denied as a Republican then the lineup at the next presidential ‘debate’ will be a lineup of non-entities. Sorry all, but none of you have the qualifications for the big job. Hence the Republicans are out of the race and the Republican Party is as dead as the Tea Party. Where or where shall we be without John Boehner?

Trump will be cast adrift. Is a third party an answer? I don’t think so. Even TR couldn’t pull that one out and he really thought he could. However let us remember that Trump is a TV celebrity. If he can be persuaded to get a team around him a la the comic book heroes The Blackhawks, or a group like the Beatles or Rolling Stones I think it is possible he could win as an individual leading the team, a movie star like Reagan, a hero, the lead singer.

I can hear you laughing but when you get through laughing consider the idea in a colder light.

Who trusts politicians? Who believes politicians are interested in anyone but themselves? What causes do they champion? Tea bagging, hugging the guys? Tough lesbian gals? What politicians would you like to be like or have your kid grow up to be like? None of them. They’re useless. I’m embarrassed by all.

Look at the movies. Capt. America and his gang, the X-Men, these identities as ideals are what we want. Honest, decent types who are willing to right wrongs, put things in order.

Trump, right now, is a virtual solo act, like The Shadow. Captain America without the supporting cast. Doc Savage, The Man Of Bronze without his crew.

A third party has never and won’t work. If Trump doesn’t choose to run as The Man of Steel there will be no need for an election, just let the Democrats put their candidate in place.   Without Trump it’s all over now. Get moving Donald. Put together an organization. Stand up and be the champion of America.


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