More Statesmanship Donald Trump



Donald Trump, More Statesmanship Please


R.E. Prindle


Rand Paul whose chances of gaining the Republican nomination are nil was needlessly savaged by the leading candidate, Donald Trump. Paul had apparently run a full page ad, perhaps in a NYC paper, in which he merely questioned Donald’s Republican credentials. Donald responded in a violent diatribe meant to crush Paul who, after all, is a fellow Republican and potential ally.

Donald not only savaged Paul but also insulted the whole people of Kentucky Paul’s home State. Rein it in Donald. Save the savaging for the Democrats; make friends within the Republican ranks.

Perhaps you might have taken the occasion to say you understand Paul’s doubts but that you had a conversion on the road to Damascus. You fell down a Democrat and got up a Republican. Rand Paul could have understood that. But, seriously, Donald, many of us who think well of you would like to hear about your political stance.

Was anything to be gained by your recent speech in Saginaw savaging Ford Motors? Perhaps they should reconsider spending two and a half billion US dollars for a plant in Mexico. Still, I’m from Saginaw and I might think twice about putting the plant there.

Consider, Donald: Since I left Saginaw in 1956 the town has shrunk by 60% and the remainder is a huge slum, worse than a slum, in which it is possible to buy a house for 2,000.00. You heard right, $2000.00.

The problem there is a racial problem as in Detroit. Negroes vs. Whites.

Now, seriously, Donald what is your attitude toward that racial problem evidencing itself in such diverse places as Saginaw, Flint, Detroit, St. Louis, Richmond, and Baltimore just for starters?

Bluster won’t deal with that. I see no evidence that you are building your organization. Your cabinet is of especial interest. You need a Brain Trust along the lines Roosevelt had. Who are the people that will support your administration and make it shine?

You can’t do it alone Donald. I don’t mean to be presumptuous but, I can help.

We like your forcefulness Donald, but we’re looking for statesmanship also. Make it up with Rand Donald, he might be useful a little further on down the road.


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