The Republican Dog And Pony Show


The Republican Dog And Pony Show


R.E. Prindle


Mr. Liel Leibowitz writing for Tablet Magazine has titled his latest effort Donald Trump, The Last Of The Great Vaudevillians.

Liel hates Trump. I quote: His stupid statements aren’t designed to be insightful or even true; they’re designed to give a jolt.


In his short run, Trump has given us a taste of a tradition we [Jews] have carefully crafted and a reminder that sometimes, to have a serious talk, you need a bloated loudmouth unafraid to offend.

Does the above mean that Jews are tutoring Trump and all is just an act? To put himself in conflict in relation to Trump’s ‘stupid statements’ Liel offers us this:

Thankfully, immigrants are still knocking on the country’s doors, looking for the same old promise of life and liberty and happiness. I’m proud to be one of them. But the cultural machinery these days isn’t interested in common dreams. It’s interested in catering and preserving differences in the molecules of gender and race and sexual orientation.

So Liel tells he left the totalitarian State of Israel to find life, liberty and happiness in what appears in his eyes to be a disgustingly hateful US that despises his sexual orientation of which we are left to guess. Must have been horrible if he had to leave Israel to practice it. Well, we all have problems. Liel nevertheless has brought up a point worthy of consideration. This campaign may be designed to be a vaudevillan travesty of an election. While I resent Liel’s indication that Trump will be the star clown I think there may be some merit in his observation.

There are indications that the election could be an internecine squabble between the hothouse occupants of the New York City-Washington DC axis in which we voters are irrelevant. It calls into question the notion of the ‘debate’ as pure entertainment. Trump gloats that he gave Faux News the highest ratings ever. He was the star of the show, Megyn Kelly being the female lead. Man-woman, key of any drama. However the magnificent staging and organization, not to mention scripting, must have been the conception of Fox unless Trump with the knowledge of showmanship he has acquired from his TV reality show is behind the whole thing.

A lot was given away on the show. We learned that Donald has contributed money to every single candidate on the stage thus putting them under obligation which he also admitted. We learned that having contributed money to the Clinton’s, man and wife, they felt obliged to or were commanded to attend one of Donald’s weddings. He’s a much married man. Over the years then the whole coterie of politicians and businessmen from Obama on down have developed into an intimate circle.

As a vaudeville show the drama and action was fast paced with an astounding variety of acts. Offstage was Hillary Clinton who was repeatedly referred to as the Democratic nominee. We may have been let in on a secret there too. That one’s over. Midway in the show an Obama Commissar visited the show to reprimand Megyn Kelly for not taking Donald to task for a lack of feminist zeal as Republicans, pointed out several times, are a group of misogynists. If that opinion was based on the fact that nobody would want to manhandle the repellent Commissar I don’t think misogyny was the issue.

This Commissar was from central casting. A sturdy, homely, strident wench, she strutted on stage like an angry bull dyke barking orders. I don’t know for sure she was but, god, she frightened me and I’m as manly as they come. I don’t have to man up, it’s where I live. Her repressed sexuality was obvious. While Megyn was not disguising that she was a womanly woman showing us a lot of attractive thigh the Commissar wore a strange skirt. It fell below the knee exposing nothing but ankle but curiously it had a broad white stripe on the sides that might have been confused as showing a considerable amount of skin. Not that I was that curious. After roaring out commands like the bulliest of dykes she stomped off stage apparently headed to the bull pen.

It was a curious episode especially when combined with the clown act of Luntz the Pollster.

As a vaudeville show then the ‘debates’ was a tight compact show tightly and well performed as though the politicians were experienced actors happy to tread the boards once more. There was a superb drama between Donald and Megyn who obviously were on intimate terms. Like I said, an internecine combat.

I’m not sure what’s going on so I’m going to curb my enthusiasm for Donald Trump until the show develops a little further. There are really only nine months before the nominees are declared. A lot depends on who drops out now. Seventeen hopefuls is ridiculous. If no one drops out between now and the next ‘debate’ we’ll know that the fix is in. Judging from the evening’s entertainment Hillary is the designated Democratic candidate but how Donald will fit in isn’t clear. He may just be the chief actor in this vaudeville farce or they may deny him a place in the next one completely ignoring the fact that he is number one in the polls.

My thanks to Leil Leibowitz for his misdirected but perhaps accurate observation.


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