Republican Feys Vs. Straights



Republican Feys Vs. Straights


R.E. Prindle


Well, the divide between Republicans is official. The Feys have declared war on the Straights and their candidate Donald Trump. He, they say, is to be shunned. The fey Lindsey Graham has all but stated that the Fey party is merely the right wing of the Democratic Party. The Feys have chosen as their leader Megyn Kelly.

Ms. Kelly on the recent ‘debates’ baited Mr. Trump with fact that in a personal exchange with Rosie O’ Donnell he referred to her as a ‘slut.’ This was incorrect for her to do but I notice on the Urban Dictionary site that one Sally, a very contemporary lady, defines slut as a woman with the morals of men. Now I want you to think about this Megyn, I presume she refers to more or less indiscriminate sex as the dominate characteristic of all men. In that sense given the sexual mores of the time that definition perhaps defines the majority of women in the West.

I would challenge Ms. Kelly to prove that she is a virgin and hence by Sally’s definition not a slut. Failing that perhaps Ms. Kelly can show us the notches on her belt so we make our own determination of her slut status. My fear is that it might not be pretty. Ms. Kelly in fact by Sally’s reckoning may very well be a slut.

She sure is pretty and I don’t know whether she had a hand in formulating the questions for the ‘debate’ or not but the narrowness of the subject matter seemed to avoid the more vital questions facing the next president if Obama chooses to step down.

Whether or not women are sluts may be crucial to Ms. Kelly as perhaps she is over sensitive on the issue and maybe with reason but I would like to offer my understanding of what a slut is, so, I’m not talking about you Lindsey Graham but maybe I could.

Certain laws have been passed that impose civil disabilities on White heterosexual males making them second class citizens while protecting White male homosexuals and all White women.

White women have stood by without objection and allowed these laws to pass unquestioned. My question to Ms. Kelly then is what kind of woman allows, nay, applauds laws that disenfranchise her men? That’s my question to you, Megyn. My answer is a slut, a whore to other races. Oh, to be sure, you’ve been well paid to assume your position there at Fox. I wouldn’t call it a piece of meat because I’m not rude but I hope you’re enjoying it.

I do ask the White women of America how they can participate in the humiliation of their men.? It is only something sluts would do and I ask you, Megyn, to consider the question and perhaps bring it up at your next ‘debate.’ Inquiring minds want to know.

As a note to Donald Trump: You should make the hate laws a major issue which should get you the vote of every straight White man and at least half the women. Why mess around with insubstantial issues when more important issues will get more votes?


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