The Crime Of The Jews



The Crime Of The Jews


R.E. Prindle


Thirty years ago the arch Jewish criminal Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life imprisonment for selling out the US to his premier loyalty Israel. Under cover of being a dual US citizen Pollard obtained employment with Naval Intelligence. Like a modern Alfred Dreyfus he began selling reams of top secret information to his country of allegiance, Israel.

This information resulted in the deaths of scores of US informants inside the USSR. Pollard thus murdered every one of those agents when the information sold to his home country was given to the USSR in exchange for the release of a few Jews posing as citizens of the USSR for aliyah to Israel.

Nor was that the full story of Pollard’s and the Jews’ treachery. For the last several years Pollard has been languishing in one of the US’ country club retention centers. Now, our fey president has given Pollard a pardon.

It is said by the Jews that Pollard has suffered enough for releasing the documents to what after all is the US’ number one ally. Israel is no one’s ally. He has suffered enough for a crime committed only thirty years ago?

Consider the state of Jewish comparative ethics: Tablet Ezine’s top writer the lame brained Rachel Shukert published one of her articles recently. Her horrendous claim is that in 1933 a seven year old child was photographed giving the honorable Roman salute to the passing parade of Oswald Mosely’s British Nationalist Party. Seven years old, eighty two years ago! A young girl, an angel, a child. Ms. Shukert wants us to denounce this child, now a ninety year old woman for giving a time honored salute! Johnathan Pollard murdered dozens and is excused while the Jews want the resignation of a ninety year old woman who at seven gave a Roman salute?

Indeed, after Ms. Shukert cheers a mass murderer like Johnathan Pollard released from prison after only thirty years? Really, what is wrong with Rachel Shukert and the Jews?

Yes, that little seven year old angel was none other than OUR believed queen, Elizabeth.

Perhaps Ms. Shukert and her demented Jews want the Queen to step down because they are ‘offended.’ Fired from her role as OUR beloved Queen by Jews? Really!

Johnathan Pollard- Queen Elizabeth; Queen Elizabeth-Johnathan Pollard? It is even obscene to couple their names; a mass murderer vs. the Queen of the Western World. And the insane Rachel Shukert thinks we will give the choice to Johnathan Pollard? Fie, fie, for shame; you disgust us. Now you know why Wolf Hitler did what he had to do.


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