Shame, Shame On You Rachel Shukert





R.E. Prindle


The shameless writer for the shameless Tablet Ezine has done it again. For a people who run a vigilante bureau called The Anti-Defamation Society the Jews are quite shameless in defaming other people.

In this case Ms. Shukert has selected a blameless little seven year old angel to defame as a ‘Fascist’ eighty odd years ago. Enough that the Jews seek out a ninety-four year old man and require he get a five year prison sentence for following army orders also eighty years ago as a mere teenager, but now this shameless cowardly act?

Does Ms. Shukert not realize that the war is over or is that Ms. Shukert’s and Tablet’s point- their war is not over. The Jews are waging their war on Europeans as relentlessly as ever and perhaps even more damagingly than the carnage they unleased on Europe and the West from 1914 to 1945.

That poor little seven year old angel Ms. Shukert is defaming is none other than OUR Queen Elizabeth; herself now a sweet little old lady of ninety years. How vicious can Ms. Shukert be? Is no one too young or too old for Ms. Shukert to defame? Perhaps she would like to imprison OUR Queen for five years along with the ninety-four year old German gentleman.

Shame, I say, shame on you Rachel, your viciousness is absolutely unforgiveable. Do not, I repeat, do not apologize; your apology will not be accepted. Suffer in hell forever you despicable bigot.


All the respectable people in the world.


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