Warriors On An Invisible Front

Warriors On An Invisible Front


R.E. Prindle


Recently in Connecticut a fuehrer of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League complained about a garage sale that was selling Nazi and Confederate memorabilia. While the vigilante official acknowledged that no law was being broken nevertheless in the crusader’s opinion the mere showing of these historical artefacts constitutes ‘hate.’

Well, it may be said as well that Jewish artefacts such as the Magen David is a hate emblem also. While wearing or displaying the Magen David or waving an Israeli flag should be hate also. Why shouldn’t anything that a particular group finds ‘hateful’ not be banned? Let’s be fair and make a list.

In point of fact what Jews consider ‘the good war’, that is WWII, was the central historical fact of the twentieth century just as the Civil War was the central historical fact of the nineteenth century in the USA and CSA. As artefacts from all combatants and this includes the Jews have a deep intrinsic interest to everyone why should the Jews be allowed to erase these significant memories from the history books. I consider such an act evil or satanic. I have a right to my history as the Jews have to theirs.   I am under no obligation to accept their interpretation of the past. I can form my own.

Jews are not free from ‘hate.’ Even their reaction is evidence of hatred, their wars on Christmas and Easter are evidence of hatred. Their current war on ‘Whiteness’ that they say there is no room for on Earth is genocidal hatred of the worst degree.

Yes, the Jews know how to hate and they know how to incite hatred.

We are warriors on an invisible front fighting with words and ideas. Are our weapons inferior to those of the Jews. We cannot tolerate Jewish visions of self-righteousness. We should quietly tell them we will not tolerate their incivility or listen to their unjustified complaints and then turn our backs on them to show them their invisibility.

Ignore and isolate them as we go on our way. Their opinions carry no weight with us. We are tired of being reviled by the haters of haters. Ignore them, put their opinions down. Oh pshaw them. They are not the conscience of our world.



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