Time Is Wasting Our Past

Time Is Wasting Our Past


R.E. Prindle

The great fear is that the Western World will lose its past. Certainly the Western past as we have known it. Many factors are militating this loss. Not least of the reasons is the transition from the mechanical to the electronic age. Technological developments are severing or already have severed the Millennials from the America that was. 9/11 is a good date to begin the severance.

The literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has little relevance to those born after 1980. The literature of the nineteenth century is rapidly becoming as incomprehensible to younger people as Shakespearean or even Middle English. The mores, especially the sexual mores, make so little sense to Millennials as to make the novels unreadable. I would even guess that there are even those who have never seen live horses or cows.

No generation takes pleasure in what their forefathers did except for the odd ball romantics or historians. This is even more pronounced today after the clean break of 9/11. At eighty myself, I find most of my references falling on uncomprehending but polite ears. ‘No reason to offend the old guy.’, I can see them thinking as they smile blandly. References even to Cary Grant elicit blank stares. Bogart, who knows? Thousands of movies have been made since either was on the screen. Why should the young know? They have their own lives to live.

Not only is the past incomprehensible, it is so vast. How could any new person be aware of the ephemera that makes up a mature person’s life?

This past so important to them whether they know it or not is becoming incomprehensible just as the open door immigration policy floods the country with unassimilated if not unassimilable people whose cultures are given preferential treatment, claimed to be better that those young natives’ own.

Sports have been given over to the Africans, records to world music, book publishing concentrates on immigrant stories and the shaming of Whites. Restaurants offer every national cuisine on earth while American cuisine is despised and European cuisines with the exception of Italian demonized.

Global ‘diversity, is emphasized to the disparagement of ‘dead White men’ and the culture they thought they had provided for their heirs. What is left for young Whites?

In point of undeniable fact genocidal plans are being laid for the elimination of ‘Whiteness’ from the earth without any resistance from the Whites.

So, what is gone, is gone. It can’t be brought back or even revived for a moment. It’s gone, but the future lies ahead. Rather than lament it is necessary to salvage the laws and mores, the customs, the thought that gave Aryans their supremacy over the less evolved. The challenge of the future in this Darwinian struggle for survival is what race or species will emerge supreme on this overcrowded planet? Make no mistake it is time for some few billions to go.

Will it be African Supremacy? Semitic Supremacy, either Jewish or Arab? Chinese Supremacy? Or will Aryans realize finally the nature of this primeval struggle beyond morality and reassert White Supremacy. Perhaps winning the battle is the highest morality. I think so.

The choice is suicide, go under quietly, or Conquest, assuming our rightful place in the racial hierarchy.

This is serious: Let those be offended who will be offended. What is that to us? Being offended never caused anyone any harm. I’m offended by what I see and hear constantly as you should be too. Don’t be offended; get to work and set things right.


3 comments on “Time Is Wasting Our Past

    • A nice thought, Bad Wolf, however the deck is stacked against the notion. Evolution indicates that when two or more species contend for the same space one will triumph and appropriate the space.

      That’s not my opinion; all history in all species bears it out. I like the thought though.

    • That’s a nice thought, Bad Wolf, but evolution indicates that when two or more species come into contact and vie for the same space only one will come out on top.

      It’s not me; Darwin enunciated the principle and produced the proof.

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