Donald Trump Shows His Resolve



Donald Trump Shows His Resolve


R.E. Prindle


As a website has appeared Trump must be serious. I do have come criticisms of the site I hope will be helpful. Trump is up against some solid internet professionals so the site is going to have develop rapidly. Like most executives and politicians, I’m thinking of Romney, Trump is used to commanding, being above his workers. Obama works as one of the fellows, a fellow soldier in the righteous battle. The political war is one of ideals, Trump will have to develop an ideal in order to do battle.

First I would get some professional to redesign the site for maximum eye appeal. A little more on the warm and fuzzy and not so sterile.

Secondly I would change the motto from Making America Great Again to something like Putting Our Country Back On The Right Track.

The country is great although tarnished by the antics of a self-interested bigot following his own personal agenda to the detriment of half the citizens. Trump will put the country back on track for the benefit of all citizens. Let’s hope.

Thirdly: His bio reads like a job application for a CEO rather than the ‘leader of the free world.’ There is no statement of intent. I don’t care whether Trump went to Wharton or not and neither does 99% of the voting population; a whole bunch of people might resent it. I know enough of his history to know that he is capable of running a giant corporation employing and managing a diverse work force seeking only the most competent and meritorious people. Hopefully he will do the same as President of the United States. Business classic: Art Of The Deal? Who cares. As a great negotiator can he successfully deal on a global political scope? That’s what the electorate wants to know. What can Trump do for the country? We already know what Obama can do for himself. Several million dollar vacations indeed. Hit where it hurts.

What is important is will Trump be a President of all the people showing, racial, religious and sexual favor to none? There is no place in America for hate laws or second class citizens, yet the laws favored by the Obama administration place civil disabilities on some and enact exclusionary laws favoring others. What is Trump going to do to make all citizens equal with civil disabilities for none?

While bashing the Mexicans gets their attention establishing the fact that the country will no longer be intimidated by anyone as Obama has been intimidated by all, discriminatory civil disabilities is a bigger vote getter than any other issue. No more Obama divisive racial and sexual politics.

Trump the Statesman must emerge and Trump the landlord fade and vanish. Stop talking about yourself and address the concerns of the people. Trump needs forward thinking associates. The past is behind us; the future lies ahead.


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