You Have To Be Jewish



You Have To Be Jewish


R.E. Prindle

I’m not White; I’m Jewish.

Current Jewish anthem.

Noel Ignatiev, the Jewish Harvard professor, a couple decades or so ago lectured us all that Whiteness must die, disappear from the face of the earth.  Today’s Jews are moving the plan along by divorcing themselves from Whites.  The current anthem they all sing along to is ‘I’m not White, I’m Jewish.  Let’s hear it again:  I’m not White; I’m Jewish.’

Reet petite, that’s alright with me.  Let’s hear it again; it clarifies the 1914-45 turmoil a bit while getting Wolf Hitler off the hook.  It appears he knew what he was doing even if he wasn’t able to do it.  Now that the Jews have left the building to become just another race along with the Negroes, Chinese etc. we don’t have to take them seriously.  Anti-Semitism- where is thy sting?

Anent, our good friends at the Jewish Daily Forward have published a piece titled Nazi Museum Documents Munich’s Ignominious Past- And Puts Hitler In His Place.  While we weren’t watching, at least I wasn’t, German cities began building National Socialist museums.  Gavriel Rosenfeld’s article celebrates the opening of Munich’s.

One wonders why Gabe thinks Munich’s past is ignominious.  I guess you’d have to be Jewish to think so.  True, the Nazi Movement began in Munich but that was a combination of accidental circumstances not foresight.  Munich certainly didn’t plan it.  Besides what does Munich have to apologize for?  Now that the Jews have officially separated themselves from Europeans, Aryans, Whites, whatever, that is, declared the autonomy they have clearly always believed they were we’re relieved of any obligations to them, if we had any.  It also clarifies WWII.

The Jews were clearly functioning in their own interests, inimical to those of Aryans.  In fomenting the two world wars calling in the US and USSR in WWII to exterminate the Germans for them was genocide; they created a hellstorm that lasted thirty-five years in which the lives of hundreds of millions of Aryans were snuffed or made miserable beyond belief.    And then they whine that they too suffered collateral damage.  Like, who cares?  It’s undeniable as far as I’m concerned.  Merited.

In the US they pout and point fingers screaming their war cry of J’accuse because Roosevelt didn’t stop the war he was fighting for them and remove the five million Jews from the combat zone to safety in the US.  Boy, do we White boys fighting their war feel bad because the thoughtless FDR who had already put us in jeopardy to fight the Jewish war, the one they call the ‘good war,’  didn’t stop the war for their benefit.  Fuck that, as Lenny Bruce would say.  There wasn’t anything good about it.  Too bad a few Jews died along with the hundred million Whites.  What are the Jewish deaths to us; we mourn our own.  The Jews aren’t White anyway.   What’s are they to us? If they dislike us so much they don’t want to be thought of as White I’m not hurt.  OK, you’re not White, you’re Jewish.  Perfect a vanishing act; we’ve had enough of you.  I’m not Jewish; I’m White.


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