Looking Over Donald Trump


Looking Over Donald Trump


R.E. Prindle


Trump says he’s running.  I hope he’s serious.  I don’t do Twitter so I don’t know how effective it is but as Obama has shown, an Internet presence is imperative.  I am disappointed that Trump hasn’t set up an effective Internet website.  Without the Internet how is anyone supposed to work with him?

One also wonders how he is going to integrate himself into a Party whether Democrat or Republican?  If some of our so-called Conservatives are actually serious about pairing Trump with Ann Coulter I’m not sure we room in the same asylum.

While I admire Ann Coulter as much as anyone else I’m afraid the pairing will appear as an over the top joke.  It would be like Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Martin and Lewis…Goldwater and Miller.  Goldwater had a tough up hill sledding as it was; adding someone like Miller just confirmed that not only would he lose by a landslide but a monster landslide.  And he did.

Anyway you cut it, Trump is going to have to haul a sled up a steep slope.  As a celebrity he has what it takes to combat a ‘star’ like Obama who is as much of a celebrity and he might be able to run over any opponent using his celebrity status but he must have a dependable sober male running mate.

And he is going to have to get some able modern minded speech writers to phrase things properly for him.  He can’t get away with Mexican bashing too long.

I myself do not envision Ann Coulter as the President of the United States should Trump decide to build his towers in heaven- I’m being generous.  And then there is the issue of his cabinet; can he get the best and brightest for that.  I know merit is a dirty word in today’s political circles but he should look for it.

And finally and most important:  How is he beholden to the Beards?  Are the Beards going to be calling the shots as they are with Barry?  If he has to grovel count me out.

I think he is as capable, sure that he is as capable of doing a better job than Barry but, please, forget about Ann Coulter.  We will be defeated before we start.  I like her, read her every column, but there are too many people who don’t.

Let’s give Trump a fighting chance.


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