After Charleston…What Next?

After Charleston…What Next?


R.E. Prindle


As I have said before, I can write better scripts for Obama than whoever is churning out this stuff now.  I don’t work cheap though.

Who can believe this stuff?  The same people who don’t believe in conspiracies seem to have no difficulty in believing the most incredible coincidences.

Check out the three big shootouts of the last decade, the Tucson School Blowout, The Denver Theatre Massacre and now the Charleston Reloading Several Times Blast.  Reloading several times, come on!  This guy came to church with several clips  for his newly purchased Glock?  Why wouldn’t I believe that?

What do all these shooters have in common?  They are all supposedly major nutcakes.  They all look like they’re hypnotized and none of the cases ever reach court.  Apparently these guys are just chucked down the memory hole and we move on to the next.  And these shootings miraculously coincide with crucial events needing misdirection to obscure them.

The shame of the Negro Streets Of Baltimore need a lot of obscuring.  The Negro authorities tell the police to stand down because the people who want to burn and destroy should be given some room to express themselves?  And then they trash the entire police force?  My mind is boggled.  If Obama were a mayor he would look just like Baltimore’s. Conversely Baltimore’s mayor looks just like him.

So, then to divert attention we write up a script for this poor fish in Charleston,  where the first shot of the Civil War was fired, mind you, that sounds like one of those obituaries written up beforehand ready for use if, say, George Burns, dies.  I will say this script was a little better than most of Obama’s thought experiments.  I mean the Rebel flag on the license plates?  Nice touch.  My god that punk was obsessed, right?  My, what rage in his heart that I may point out was not as crazy as that of the Negro Balitmoreans.

And hey, talk about self control, no rioting.  Did the word go out over the net telling the Negroes to stand down; the White kid needs a little room to get the killing out of system?  Why goodness gracious, to show Negro compassion, somebody not a relative of the Old Timer who was shot, says she forgives the White Boy.

There’s a switch.  No riots but forgiveness.  Let’s keep it up.

And then, all the Honky saps decrying the ‘fact’ that Negroes can’t feel safe in the US.  Why not?  Aren’t all Negro Detroit and Baltimore the safest cities in the US?  Who has heard of anyone even stubbing a toe in either city?  Want to be safe?  Detroit and Baltimore.  If any Negro doesn’t feel safe elsewhere in the US just migrate to Baltimore or Detroit.  All Negro too, don’t what to put up with murderous insane White Folks.

Oh Lord, have mercy on this poor boy and if you can’t have mercy on me Lord, at least have Scotty beam me up.


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