Does Donald Trump Have What It Takes?

Will The Real Donald Trump Stand Up?


R.E. Prindle

Are You For Real This Time?

Are You For Real This Time?

A new presidential election cycle approaches.  There are no worthy candidates on the horizon to fill the office. Not of any color.  Both the Republican and Democratic parties offer only untried candidates with no record to recommend them.  Clown, acrobats and high wire performers all.  None are worthy of our votes.

There is only one candidate now declared who might be adequate for the job.  The only question is how serious is he?  Four years ago he declared, drew us out, sucked us in, said it was a joke and withdrew.  This will not be tolerated again.

And if serious the question is whether or not he is beholden to the ‘Usual Suspects’ as the scraggly bunch on Capitol Hill are now.  Will he merely be a Beard for shadowy figures lurking behind the scenes or will he be his own man.  We do not need Beards serving as Democrats and Republicans.  Pick up your marbles and go home.  We need a man.

One who renounces the sexual and racial politics that have dominated the minds of the current crop of singers and dancers living off the fat of the land.  To hell with them.  Sexual and racial preferences are the first order to be removed.  We either have a democracy in which all people are equal in opportunity, no civil disabilities applied to anyone or we have anarchy, a madhouse.  To each according to his merit.  Merit- like it or lump it.  If you can’t cut it then you’ll have to carry it.  If you can’t walk the dog surrender it to someone who can.

Did I mention this candidate’s name?  Oh yeah, Donald Trump.  You all know him.  Or we think we do.  If he’s the man not the Beard he’s got my vote and if he is democratic with no sexual or racial preferences such as every other candidate has, he should have your vote too no matter what your race, color, sexual orientation or favorite breakfast cereal.

Will the real Donald Trump stand up and declare himself?


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