Baltimore And Grim Realities

Baltimore And Grim Realities


R.E. Prindle


It is time we pause and locate our position.  The compass is spinning too fast to pinpoint where we are.  What should be clear is that while we weren’t paying attention there were those moving populations about maneuvering for position.  While people fantasized a country in which three or four States were turned over to the Negroes as their homeland a different vision was occurring to the Negroes and their Jewish handlers.

E.  Michael Jones in his Slaughter Of The Cities demonstrates how old ethnic neighborhoods in cities like Philadelphia and Detroit were broken up and moved out to be replaced by Negroes. Jones blames the Northeast Protestants for destroying these Catholic enclaves of Irish or Poles and he may be right or partially right, don’t forget those handlers.  At any rate the inner cities were delivered to the Negroes.

In possession of the cores the Negroes immigrated into the cities and multiplied slowly capturing a majority position in nearly all the major US cities East of the Mississippi.   With a majority of votes they captured the governments of those cities which have all been mismanaged; Detroit being the first of the paradigm.

Today, as in Detroit decades ago, St. Louis recently and now Baltimore they are asserting autonomous ownership demanding to impose a Negro legal system reflecting their own African mores and the ethnic cleansing of all Whites.

They are in possession of the turf.  They are not capable of governing today any more than they were in the days of the First Reconstruction, for this is the Second Reconstruction.  At that earlier time the Southern Whites fought back reclaiming their heritage.  Today the Whites are cowed, making more concessions than Roosevelt did to Stalin.

They haven’t even the backbone to say:  What is this shit?  They merely say:  What else can we give you and do for you?

So the cities belong to the Negroes.  The past of White Supremacy hasn’t even left a shadow.  Concessions have all been conceded, the next step after the White supineness we are witnessing is actual voluntary servitude and from there the ultimate Negro triumph, enslaving the Whites.  Psychologically this is half done.

The Liberals are well on the way of putting on their chains.  Let them, but why follow them?

Whites must realize the situation and cease to cater to the Negroes.  Are they not men and women?  Cannot they stand on their own two feet without our help?  There is no need to incur expense we can’t afford to call in the National Guard to suppress the insurrection of Baltimore.  Let it rage.  We don’t need White Boys to restore order.  Let the cities burn, send in agitators to encourage the lawlessness.  Not only let but encourage them to kill each other.  What do those crimes mean to Whites. Nothing.  Why waste money and White skills in hospitals.  They did it they can fix it.

Why go the expense of rebuilding the wreck they create.  Let them live in it.  Make them.  Refuse to let them out of their consecrated ruins.  Whites can’t even live their own lives why should they try to tell Negroes how to live theirs?  Why should Negroes try to tell us how to live ours.

Sever the umbilical cord that links them to you.  Cut it.  If that can be done then while the Negroes are festering in their ruined cities the next step to solving the problem can be determined.

Forget all that slavery nonsense.  Let the dead past bury its dead.  Whatever was has ceased to exist with no commitment or guilt.  The Negroes cannot be saved.

SOS.  Save Our Selves


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