Baltimore And The Negro Cities Of The United States


And The Negro Cities Of The US


R.E. Prindle

Today there are upwards of forty-five million Negroes in the US.  It is clear that perhaps forty million live in the cities East of the Mississippi.  At sixty percent of the population remain one hundred eighty million Whites.  Of these perhaps one hundred thirty million live East of the Big River.

The vast majority of Eastern Negroes are bunched in the cities while the White population may be divided sixty-forty with the forty being in rural or semi-rural areas.  That means about eighty million Whites live in cities and suburbs.  As can easily be seen Negroes in the Eastern cities are the majority population in the city centers versus the Whites.

I’m not going to string out a list of cities of majority Negro population rather it would be more productive to list those that aren’t.  So, in the East the Negroes occupy nearly all the US cities.  While Manhattan Island has a relatively low percentage of Negroes, Whites are reduced to minority status by the presence of Asians, Hispanics and countries you’ve never heard of

It is time then for Eastern Whites to review their situation and view their position more realistically.  It’s over.  That America died on 9/11.  As Baltimore demonstrates Whites no longer have the whip hand.  While mouthing platitudes the Negro mayor of Baltimore casually said that in the recent insurrection room was made by the police for those who wanted to destroy, to destroy although as she says they were a minority while the rest were ‘peaceful’ protestors.

Nevertheless the White celebrants at the baseball game were prevented from leaving the stadium, that is that they were illegally imprisoned, for their own safety.  Or was it that a flood of angry White men might have resulted in the Battle of Baltimore that Negroes lost?

Clearly different legal standards than the White law of the old regime recreated as Negro law for the new reality.  The police department is passe in Baltimore as the mayor’s spokesman proclaimed that the Negroes would police themselves.  No professionals needed.  In other words the Negroes of Baltimore are now an autonomous people existing outside the laws of the United States.  Baltimore is an African city displaced to the US.

Of course we realists saw this coming fifty-five or sixty years ago.  We were scorned, but no hard feelings, and here we are.  Make an example of Baltimore.  Cut off all White financial support including EBT cards.  The Negroes claimed they wanted ‘justice’ and I say let them have it.  Baltimore is on its own.  No White labor running the water works and sewers.  No White labor maintaining any of the infra structure.  If the Negroes can’t pay to have food trucked in then let them starve.  You’re on your own now boys.

God bless and good luck.

If Whites don’t even have the backbone to set the Baltimore Negroes free then God help us all.  But…you know he won’t.


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