Michael Douglas Cries Halt To Anti-Semitism

Michael Douglas Cries Halt To Anti-Semitism


R.E. Prindle


An Offended Michael Douglas

An Offended Michael Douglas

The above article in Tablet Ezine by Stephanie Butnick refers to a piece printed in the op-ed columns of the LA Times.  Miss Butnick’s article begins with an interesting quote from the Times piece.

While some Jews believe that not having a Jewish mother makes me not Jewish, I have learned the hard way that those who hate do not make such fine distinctions.

Perhaps not but Jewish hates do hence the scorn Michael Douglas receives for trying to ‘pass.’

Actually I’m more Jewish than MD.  My grandmother on my mother’s side was born Jewish make me technically a Jew.  However insofar as churching goes I was raised Congregationalist, Presbyterian and Methodist with just a tincture of Catholicism.    However since all religions come from a primitive form of consciousness I choose to live a more rational live abjuring all religions.  I pity you primitives and that’s not hate, that’s condescension.

The crux of MD’s story is that he and son Dylan were in a European spa, restaurant, whatever at which his son was dangling a Magen David prominently.  Somebody made a comment.   We don’t know whether he was European, Asian, African or what but I suspect a Moslem of some stripe.  Well, OK, but Michael says this represents ‘a rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe.’  Thus unjustly and wrongly portraying Europeans as anti-Semites while that ‘hate’ speech most likely came from one of MD’s fellow Semites.  A small point perhaps but just let’s set the record straight.  It wasn’t a European.  None of the shooters of late has been a native of a European country.  To imply otherwise, Michael, might be considered ‘hate’ speech from you.  Watch your mouth and your pen.  You know what happened to John Galliano and James Watson.  You might never work again.

To revert to Michael’s son’s Magen David worn so conspicuously.  Let us say Dylan was inviting comment.  And like all such symbols as the Magen David you’re going to get it.  It’s just that way.  If Adolf Hitler were with you wearing a Magen David, Michael, I’m sure he would have received some ‘hate’ speech and you know he wasn’t Jewish.

Just as an experiment may I suggest that you get a big cross and dangle it to your navel and see what happens.  You’ll learn what hate speech means and it won’t be because someone thinks you’re Jewish even though some other Jews think you’re not.

Better yet, if you’re feeling really brave, hang a swastika over your bullet proof vest and watch gentle Jews savagely attack you.  Just cry out:  Wait, wait. I’m a pseudo-Jew and see if that stops them.

For a little light hearted fun put a Confederate flag in your lapel and stroll through Harlem.  You might find that amusing.

Or even put a medium sized US flag in that same lapel and see what comment that provokes.  I guarantee you’re going to hear something offensive.

So, really, Michael, if Dylan invites abuse you can’t be astonished if he gets it.  All those old symbols are barbaric and comments should be made.  Use your head.  It’s not because you’re Jewish it’s because you haven’t a clue.

PS:  If you want to comment it’ll cost you two dollars.


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