The Rising Crisis Of Judaism


The Rising Crisis Of Judaism


R.E. Prindle


The battle of Charlie Hebdo in Paris points up the rising crisis of Judaism.  The world appears to be tiring of Jewish antics once again.  The Jewish view of themselves as saints is coming more prominently in conflict with the Other’s view of them as devils.

While Jews term the latter viewpoint anti-Semitism the fact is that it is a reaction to Jewish activities.  First the Jews encourage the immigration of Moslems and Africans into France then as their known antagonism  to Judaism flex their muscles in a place where Jews are a small minority to them harass and kill them the Jews complain of rising anti-Semitism in France as though the French were responsible.

There is no French anti-Semitism, the French government might be said to be Jewish controlled while it has passed several laws imposing civil disabilities on the French people in favor of Jews.  To mutter a complaint about Jews in a corner is enough to put a true blue Frenchman or woman in jail.  Not even Bridget Bardot is safe, been fined several times for mentioning facts.  The rising anti-Semitism comes from their own Semitic culture- Moslem branch.

It can be no coincidence that Charlie Hebdo was disproportionately represented on its staff; nor is there anything to amaze about an African Moslem taking over a Jewish grocery killing several Jews as well as sacrificing a few French cops.  The French cops usually get overlooked in the reportage.  Both Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish grocery are acts of war, not crimes.  The Jews attack the Moslems in Palestine where they are the majority, the Moslems attack the Jews in France where they have the numbers.  After decades of war in Palestine the war is now spreading into Europe.  Where is the surprise?

Well, the surprise is the European reaction toward the Jews following the battle.  In a farce where the ‘68ers’ heading European governments revived their youth with but another march, this time demonstrating solidarity with the Moslems, including them in their photo-op, arms linked in a human chain while advising Israeli premier Netanyahu to stay home and cool his heels.  A major shunning.  To add insult to injury on Netanyahu’s projected March visit to the US, Islamist president Barack Obama has told the Israeli PM that he doesn’t have time to visit with him.  No eye ball to eye ball this time.

Just as Netanyahu displayed that famous Jewish chutzpah by crashing the Paris party perhaps he could grab his clubs and shoulder into one of Obama’s golf foursomes.  No time indeed.

While one cannot draw firm conclusions about these incidents they would have been impossible at any time from 1948 to the present.  Gosharoonies, Sandy,  is it time for the Jews to reevaluate their tactics?

Is it too much to think that they might have to get real?


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