Are No Go Zones A Myth?



Are No Go Zones A Myth?


R.E. Prindle


Can anyone believe there are no go zones?  What’s so impossible to believe?  No go areas have existed for decades in the US and probably thousands of years  throughout the world.

When I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan the First Ward, a Negro enclave, was definitely a no go area.  If you did go you were looking for trouble and trouble was not far behind.

Watts in LA was always a no go zone as I learned in the Navy.  When I lived in Oakland the Negro enclave of West Oakland was serious business.  I skirted it one time and was lucky to get by alive.  Harlem, the South Side of Chicago, there’s places even Negroes don’t go and they definitely don’t come out of their apartments at night.  And then there were rough areas in every town that you had no business being unless of course you’re one too.

I made the mistake of getting off the bus in East St. Louis once.  A big guy grabbed me outside the station and told me he didn’t want to see my White ass in town after dark, then he pushed me into the gutter.  Less than friendly I thought.

I crossed the street to stick my thumb out attracting the attention of three young lads who took their knives out in preparation for carving me up.  I was saved by an observant White driver who, very luckily for me, was passing through town on his way to Louisville.  One chance in a million.  Do I believe there are no go zones?  Just ask me.

Anyone who’s been following the news over the last few years knows there are banlieux around Paris where firemen can’t work without police protection; a lone policeman is not safe.  Park your car there and watch it go up in flames.

I like a good time.  I’ll give you a hundred dollars to walk through West Oakland- after you come out- with pictures.

Anyone who thinks there aren’t no go areas should leave their lily white enclaves once in a while and see how the other half lives.  For all I know they might be the perverted kind that enjoys getting beat up.

I’m not bigoted either but I’m not stupid.


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