Sony, Kim Jong-Un And The Hollywood Sewer

Sony, Kim Jong-Un And The Hollywood Sewer


R.E. Prindle


Pat Buchanan recently complained about the sewer culture of the US.  The culture has now gotten absolutely disgusting.  Within the week I have been so sickened by the sewage coming out of Hollywood that I have lost all interest in movies and television.  I don’t like pornography disguised as entertainment.

Thus when I read of the dictator of North Korea’s hijacking and exposure of the corruption of Sony-Hollywood I was of two minds.  Ambivalence deluxe.  Of course I deplore the Communist politics of North Korea but they have less of an immediate effect on my life than the Liberal corruption of Hollywood.  Let us ask:  Which is the greater evil?

I do not hold Sony Corp. responsible as their control over Sony-Hollywood executives and employees is tenuous at best.  Sony-Japan executives may not have had a clear idea of the movie in question- The Interview.  The movie will not now be shown so ignore it.

The movie as described is an invitation to assassinate Kim.  The US response cannot be directed at North Korea alone or Kim Jung-Un as he is justly angry, perhaps considering the film as an offensive act of the Obama administration; what other response could he have made that would have been listened to?  The nitwit Liberals in Hollywood have to learn what going too far means.  Can the tail really wag the dog?  They are the ones who should be punished, not North Korea or Sony.  After all, some hapless Negro who posted a comment that a cop should be shot on his front porch in front of his family for every Negro criminal killed while resisting arrest was fired from his job, so why shouldn’t the Hollywood Liberals be disciplined for the same offense against Kim Jong-Un?  What does globalism mean anyway?

Nor is this a matter of freedom of speech that Liberals don’t respect anyway.  Nor was the hapless Negro’s comment.  While movies may be entertaining they are also psychological tools that be using suggestion can and will influence future events.

Perhaps even the release of all those Sony-Hollywood executives’ emails may be beneficial.  Let no disaster go unused.  Perhaps this crisis can be used to loosen the logjam of so-called offensive or ‘hate’ speech.  Let’s get those offensive speech laws off the books.  If you don’t like what you see in the mirror it is not the mirror’s fault.  Smashing the mirror won’t change anything.

The hijacking is a regrettable crime possibly partly justified by the offence, but it requires no direct action by the Obama administration.  Learn a lesson and make Hollywood improve their manners.  Clean out that garbage producing sewer.  Do it Now.


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