Melanin Will Rule



Melanin Will Rule


R.E. Prindle


Let’s review the historical situation of the Aryan race. At one time the Aryans or Whites occupied a territory in Central Asia.  About the year -2000 they began to move.  They went East into China, South into India, West into Europe and Southwest into the Middle East.

In all cases except Europe that was but thinly occupied they were in a minority position, in other words, swamped by melanin rich or swarthy peoples. Even though they bedeviled the Chinese, through numbers the Chinese absorbed them over time so that no remnant survives.  The same is true of the Jewish colonies 1500 years or so later.

Among the Dravidian population of India, a black people, the Aryans put up a fight establishing a caste system forbidding Whites to mix with the blacks. Once again superior numbers triumphed and Whites as Whites have been absorbed into a darker population although Aryan traces survive in physical makeup while Aryan religion forms a major part of Hinduism.

In the Middle East in which the movement appears to have been later than China and India the Aryans were culturally submerged although having established themselves in Europe as the majority people. About -300 the Greek peoples moved eastward conquering the Middle East injecting a fresh infusion of Aryan genes so that the Middle East physically demonstrates Aryan traits although culturally the Aryans have been submerged in Semitism of one sort or another.

In Europe where little or no melanin existed the Aryans prospered and multiplied creating the first Aryan civilization outside the Central Asian homeland, since disappeared.

Expanding rapidly they took their revenge on the melanin peoples conquering the world but except in North America and Australia lacking the population to dispossess the inhabitants. Thus Aryans would have had undisputed possession of Europe and North America except for the fact that Negro Africans were brought to the US.  The conquest of Africa itself opened the doors for a peaceful invasion of Europe by Africans at the present time.

In population terms the Negroes have prospered more mightily than the Aryans.

In all situations melanin will destroy Whiteness. While the Negroes were swamped by European immigration to the US in the nineteenth century they were still able to maintain at least a minimal percentage of 10% against 20% pre-nineteenth century.  Yes, at one time one in five of the population was Negro.

Today with the assistance of Negro overlords Negroes comprise 25 to 30% of the White population. As high as one in three.  At the same time the remainder of the population comprising 15 to 20% is Asian or Western Indian, that is Mexicans and South Americans.

As the Negroes increase as a percentage of the White population they will soon reach one in two or 50% of the Whites.

The ultimate fate of Whites in America and Europe then is to be absorbed into the black, brown or yellow peoples. The die has been cast; there is little chance of any change in circumstances other than further increases in blacks, browns and yellows.

Who knows, but all things being equal within twenty years the number of unmixed Whites will be very small.


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