Race War: Dateline St. Louis The Battle For Ferguson

Race War: Dateline St. Louis

The Battle For Ferguson


R.E. Prindle

  Make no mistake bout it, Ferguson is a major battlefield in the race war between Negroes and Whites. The question is how can the Negroes and their handlers, the Jews, enslave Whites. That I what Ferguson is all about and why it won’t go away.  Whose will is to be imposed. What is a slave? A slave is a person with no Will of his own, the product of whose labor goes to the benefit of  his owner. At this point Whites have buckled to all Negro demands thus surrendering their Will. If the police officer is lynched then the Negro triumph will be complete.  It makes no difference if as a police officer he either did or did not make a mistake.  The provocation was sufficient.  He acted correctly. If convicted at that point then the White man’s will and law is nullified and that of the Negro is supreme. Now enslaved the product of the White man’s labor becomes the property of the Negro. The White woman becomes the property of the any Negro with whom he can do as he wishes anytime, anyplace. Thus the Negro has set the time back to Emancipation in his own mind while wanting also revenge for Reconstruction, or rather, Jim Crow the result of Reconstruction.

The Jews are continuing their own revolution using the Negro as their tool. Their war on Aryans almost succeeded under the Roosevelt Administration.  Set back by Roosevelt’s death the desired result is being achieved by Roosevelt’s spiritual successor Barry Obama.

Do not mistake the situation. It is already out of control and the genie cannot be put back in the bottle without Whites enforcing their will against the Negro.  There is no other way.


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