Rule Of Law Suspended In The United States

Rule Of Law Suspended In The United States


R.E. Prindle

There is a growing understanding in the US that the rule of law has been suspended by the Obama-Holder Negro government. Government by and for Negroes. The administration is working very hard to establish the principle of Negro supremacy and immunity to law. This should be clear to everyone by now.

The recent Ferguson Missouri insurrection clearly demonstrates that Negroes have a privileged position above the law. In a legal sense the destruction of Ferguson represents criminal activity of enormous scale yet no crimes have been charged nor have any such charges even been discussed.

Rather than condemnation of the Negro criminal who caused the riots there is a demand for the arrest and trial and hanging of the White police officer who clearly shot the Negro criminal while under criminal assault by him.

The principle of privileged classes, that is a caste system, has now been clearly established. The White male is clearly at the bottom, a sort of untouchable in the East Indian sense, while the Negro is at the top.

Calls for White genocide are common both from the Jews and Negroes. The only thing that prevents open genocide by the Negro government is not White numbers but that economic activity would cease without Whites.

Still it is urgent for the Negro government to increase immigration to the point of making Whites a more manageable minority. To that end Obama has opened the Southern border to unlimited Mexican invasion. The Whites merely sputter and grouse yet do nothing.

With the Jewish-Negro population at about 15% of the population and the Mexican population currently at about 15% the combined total is roughly half of the White population, a significant number.

While Obama’s plan may make sense to him which is why he is catering to and flattering the Mexicans the fact is that they have a strong aversion to the Negro. In areas they commandeer they invariably cleanse it of Negroes. It seems highly unlikely they will submit to Negro overlordship for long. While Whites foolishly submit to Negro laws that disenfranchise them I think it likely the Mexicans will declare their areas autonomous rejecting Negro law.

Thus ultimately Obama is guiding Mexicans and Whites into a combination that may turn the tables on the Negro government resulting in a genocidal war against themselves.

Time will out. In the meantime look for a more chaotic situation to develop.



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