While We Sit And Dither

Cry, the beloved country.  Listen and act.  GET THESE PEOPLE OUT.


Adriana Stuijt: I’ve read your Dec 2013 article on Nelson Mandela’s legacy: http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.nl/2013/12/nelson-mandelas-legacy-210-white-famers.html with great interest because its statistics are accurate. Check out what the facts are only 18 months later: There now is a fullscale genocide in the works, with the ANC regime not only barring ‘whites’ from the labour market by some 108 black-racist laws, so that more than1million Afrikaner-and Boer whites now wage a battle for survival in squatter camps; but 6 new laws are going to be enacted which will cause the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of whites from their homes, from their businesses, from their farms, and even confiscate their ‘assets’defined as bank account contents, savings and stocks and bonds. Where all those whites will go to once they are driven from the homes they have built to house their families, nobody seems to know. There are very few landfill-sites left where they could flee to because South Africa also has at least 15million illegal poor black migrants who are settling around all the big towns in massive squatter cities. Also South Africa now has some 500,000 Red Chinese citizens who are taking over everything in sight, from platinum mines which are brought to their heels and forced to sell by month-long strikes; to other crucial industries. Many of the well-run, safe gold-mines now are derelict and being stripped by scrap-metal thieves and by illegal miner-gangs called Zama Zamas who send children down the dangerous shafts on ropes, forcing them to hack away ore from the sides and from the tunnels below. The illegal ore is melted in back-yards of shanty-towns, creating an ecologica disaster which is polluting South Africa’s very limited water supplies. Meanwhile 1million ‘whites’ have already fled from this insanity, but the Afrikaners and Boers are trapped, they cannot afford to ’emigrate’ and are doomed to die of starvation and the violence which is expected to sweep the country once the ANC’s new ‘confiscation laws’ are enacted. Land occupations have already started and scores of ‘whites’ are attacked each day, often tortured and mutilated and killed: We log these events daily on : http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports June 3, 2014 at 11:30 PM


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