So What About IQ?


So What About IQ?


R.E. Prindle

IQ is both more simple and more complex than would appear. First of all the measurement of IQ depends on literacy and numeracy. Without those two you can’t be tested.

Secondly your test must be culturally based. A test suitable for US Whites would be incomprehensible to Negroes or Chinese and vice versa. If tests are culturally sensitive the scores might not be meaningful. It would be apples and oranges in comparison. Obviously a test within a culture can be compared to obtain high or lower scores. Thus the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are said to have the world’s highest average IQ. But there is no universal test that can be fair for all cultures. So, we are asked to believe that a billion and a half of historically low achievers have an average IQ of 106.

There is nothing to demonstrate that the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese have ever historically performed to a high IQ standard.

Thirdly, a problem involves the nature of the various Homo Sapiens species. Homo Africanus as a species is composed of several races. All Africans are not equal. For instance the Bantu consider the Bushmen to be stupid. Culturally within Africanus the Yoruba of middle Nigeria are quite different from the Kenyan Kikiyu. Any IQ test has to be specific for each of those two very different cultures.

Now, it is said that the range of IQ in species other than the White are within a relatively narrow range while the White varies wildly between a functional 85 and a high of 160 or perhaps above.

If the two Africanus species, Bantu and Bushmen, differ enough in intelligence as races it would seem logical to conclude that Whites are one species but they comprise two or three races within their species to account for the wide variance. I mean, evolution leaves its traces. The earliest evolved Whites, ostensibly from Africanus, have, perhaps, an average IQ of about 85, while a second more highly evolved ’race’ is somewhere between say 100-130 and a third ‘race’ even more highly evolved, above 130, thus accounting for the wide apparent variance among Whites.

After all evolution advances in small increments and not large jumps.

The idea of separate Homo Sapiens species containing distinct ‘races’ runs counter to the ‘all men are created equal’ ideology that prevails so it is denounced and rejected by the prevailing ideology.

Yet scientific research indicates the evolution to be true. That it is true can be confirmed by the fact that those researchers who have determined further evolution to be true have been silenced. Yes, shut up. You don’t silence crackpot notions you ridicule them. The conclusion then is obvious. Intelligence differences are real both special and racial within the species.

The only question is what to do. Squash the facts for ideological reasons or let the chips fall where they may?




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