The Attack Of The Sponge People



The Attack Of The Sponge People


R.E. Prindle

Do I Really Get It?

Do I Really Get It?

 Everyone agrees that the administration of Spongemaster Barry is a continuing and mounting disaster. And why not? The Spongemaster has divided the country into two camps- the Providers and the Sponges. The Ants of fable, the Providers, labor so that the Sponges can live off their labor while providing nothing themselves.

The question is how long can the Sponges absorb the productivity of the Providers before they consume it in whole. The Sponges look at the results of the accumulated labor of the Providers and see the results but ignore the labor, the planning and the uses of the accumulated wealth. They think the accumulation occurred by magic leaving them out, hence unjust.

The Sponges merely say that there is no reason the Providers should have the results of their labor but that their labor should be ‘redistributed’ to themselves so that like the Cricket of fable they can play, sing and dance with no thought of the morrow.

Spongemaster Barry and Sponger General Eric ‘My Sponges’ Holder continue to bring more Sponges into the country to sponge up the accumulated labor of the Providers more rapidly. They think the wealth is inexhaustible.

The results of such behavior are obvious to the unaided eye. Why don’t the Providers set Spongemaster Barry and his army of Sponges aside? Put them in their place? That is the question for the curious, isn’t it?



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