Unintended Humor From France Again


Unintended Humor From France Again


R.E. Prindle

Hello Lunacy Central?  I have a case to report.  France is at it again.  This time they tried to nail the Bobber himself, Bob Dylan.  That was right after awarding him the Legion of Honor.  For having a scratchy voice and still soldiering on, I guess.  Apparently it would have been unseemly to give him the Legion of Honor and then slap him in jail or a year and fine him 62,000 dollars.

I guess he murdered an African and then shouted ‘Nigger, take that.’ making it a ‘hate’ crime.  A year and 62,000 would have been appropriate for some thing like that.

But no!  In a country known for draconian punishments for freely expressing forbidden thoughts one has to search Bob’s ‘hate’ speech carefully for cause.  I think Bob was a little coarse and I too find his comments objectionable and puerile but for different reasons than the French.  Bob can send me the 62K and keep the year for himself.  Enjoy.  Hey, we’re all free or in jail depending on our attitude toward life  Right Bob?

Bob said in an interview with Mikal Gilmore of Rolling Stone the following:

This country is too fucked up about color.  It’s a distraction.  People at each others throats just because they are of a different color.  It’s the height of insanity, and it will hold any nation back.  Or anything back.  Blacks know that some whites didn’t want to give up slavery- that is if they had their way, they would still be under the yoke, and they can’t pretend they don’t know that.  If you’ve got a slave master or Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that.  That stuff lingers to this day  Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood.

Now, I just object to the whole tenor of his opinion, which might better have remained unexpressed, but I don’t think Bob should be shot at dawn.  Of course the ‘humane’ French have thrown in the towel on capital punishment.  By golly, if you can detect the racism in Bob’s quote the French are only going to throw you in prison for a year and fine you 62K.  That’s equitable isn’t it?

If you haven’t figured out Bob’s offence yet it’s the part about the Serb and Croat.  Something called the Representative Council of the Croatian Community and Institutions in France got a hair up their collective rectum and filed a complaint.

What Croatian institutions if France do they have and why?  What is this a little Croat cancer cell in France?  Is it going to grow and do battle with the Muslim and African cells  and any French who might claim France their turf too?  Jesus, the courts are going to spend a few tens or hundreds of thousands to try that?  As we say in the US, Croats- get a life.

Fortunately for Bob a lifetime of some sort of service to the revolution got him a reprieve.  Get this: The charges against Bob have been dropped because he didn’t expressly authorize  Rolling Stone to publish his egregious gaffe in France.  Good thinking Bob.  Always protect your back.

But, somebody has to pay.  The charges have been transferred to Michael Birnbaum who publishes French Rolling Stone.  He can now look forward to a year in jail and a loss of 62,000 smackers for being a very poor proof reader.

Good luck France or overseas Africa or whatever you call the place and may your legislators rot in hell.

Let’s give the Galliano law a rest.


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