Barry’s Blather: Jobs For Every American

Barry’s Blather:

Jobs For Every American

State Of The Union Speech 2014


R.E. Prindle

The idea’s I’ve outlined so far

Can speed up growth and create more jobs.

But in this rapidly changing economy

We have to make sure

That every American

Has the skill  to fill those jobs.

Here Barry shifts into blather deluxe mode.  What do these two well sounding sentences mean?

Underlying them is the notion that the economy has been nationalized.  The needs of industry are not going to dictate ‘speeded up growth’ and ‘creating more jobs’ but that process is going to be dictated by Barry from Washington DC through such government agencies  as The American Job Centers, a new one on me, ‘places where folks can walk in to get help or training they need to find a new job’ or, get this, ‘better job.’

Barry’s floating around in the ozone in total cognitive disconnect.

This sentence means that any prospective employee is dependent on a socialist politicized government for a favor which undoubtedly would have to be repaid, I mean, everybody must give something for something they get, right?  if by nothing else than loyalty to his governmental benefactor.  In other words it’s back to the nineteenth century views of Karl Marx.

Who can walk right in and be handed a job?  Every American.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  But, who is an American?  Barry has already said that to improve the economy, grow it, he’s going to import millions of immigrants in addition to those already illegally here who have ‘earned’ the right to be American citizens.  In Barry’s lexicon these are ‘new Americans.’

So, where are these additional Americans to come from out of the potential eight billion Americans out there?

Largely from the jungles  and deserts of Africa.  These are people who don’t speak English while they are totally ignorant of the requirements of a high technology civilization.  Boy, are they going to need training, and support while they’re getting it.  Barry and his boy Holder have already demonstrated that they are giving precedence to ‘their people’ so there is no reason to suppose they will not give precedence to these ‘new Americans’ from Africa over ‘old Americans.’

So while Barry says ‘every American’ can just walk in it is obvious that certain ‘Americans’ are going to be more equal than others for these jobs Barry is going to create.  They don’t exist yet.  Barry will have us believe that he is going to ‘create’ these jobs out of whole cloth or thin air.  Unfortunately he hasn’t found the pattern yet having lost many more jobs than this maestro has created in his first five years.

Does anyone, can anyone, have any confidence, even a smidgen, in the blather of this pseudo-religious, utopianist, Communist blowhard.


Martin Luther King did nothing for all Americans and neither has the Blather Master General.  Nor will he.  Put him on a boat back to Kenya.


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