Cuomo-De Blasio Show A Little More Ankle

Cuomo And De Blasio Show A Little More Ankle


 R.E. Prindle

The Cuomo-De Blasio combine in NY has moved the revolution up a notch.

The two have stated that it is their way or the highway if you are not a Liberal in NY, both city and State.  In essence they have declared non-Liberals persona non grata in both the city and State.

In religious terms this means Conservatives have been declared heretics having no rights.  Get out while you can and take your whole extended family with you.  Ellis Island is closed.  Get it?

The revolutionary trajectory has thus been clarified.  Race will be the next big issue to be addressed.  The previous president of France, Nick Sarkozy, announced at one time that a law was needed to force White women to consort with Negroes.  This appears to be a desideratum of Cuomo-De Blasio Liberal faction.  De Blasio has already met the condition.  It is the Liberal way of solving the ‘race problem.’

This solution which meshes with that of the San Domingo Moment in which the Haitian Negroes slaughtered the White men while compelling the White women on pain of death to  not comply with being their sex slaves.

I think we may expect the same sort of legislation in the two New Yorks requiring  White women to fuck Negroes.  At the very least a law may be passed making it impossible to convict a Negro of raping a White woman.  That is Black on White rape would be declared legal.  Or perhaps the Liberal combine will try to be more subtle.

At any rate some sort of plan was obviously concocted  by the Combine and is now being announced.

As NYC has a population 25% Jewish while only 33% White, White obviously in NYC in synonymous with Jewish.   As the Jewish policy on Negro relationships with Jews in Israel is completely opposite to the race mixing policy of Jews in the US it will be interesting to see how things evolve.  Will the Jews be able to establish a difference between themselves and ‘Whites?’

Obviously Cuomo and De Blasio are enemies of  we the people.  Know what I’m saying?


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