Part IV: Henry Ford And The Aaron Sapiro Case

Part IV

Henry Ford And The Aaron Sapiro Case


R.E. Prindle

The Man Himself

The Man Himself

 To put it bluntly Aaron Sapiro was a shyster lawyer.

It doesn’t really matter whether he was Jewish or not; he was a shyster lawyer first and foremost.

It wouldn’t have taken  Henry Ford or any knowledgeable person long to see through the guy.  While Attorney Woeste has written the most extensive biography of Sapiro to date she carefully avoids what his true intentions or purposes were.  Apart from her portrayal of him as an altruistic Jew seeking to better the lot of Aryan farmers, who were probably largely what both Sapiro and she would call anti-Semitic, we know little of his motives.

The Ford articles for instance link Sapiro with the financier and commodity expert, Bernard Baruch.  Baruch is not too well known now but in  my childhood in the forties and fifties he had a large reputation as the benevolent wise old Jewish advisor to presidents.

Baruch as his auto biography indicates had vast experience in global commodity matters.  Without discrediting the Independent’s allegations, Miss Woeste merely dismisses them as irrelevant.  Well, she is a lawyer and no historian.

If Sapiro and Baruch were in close communication then one would think that the subject of commodities might occasionally come up.  Miss Woeste might have given us some clue as to the content of their discussions.  Or were the articles so unfounded that they were based on nothing but conjecture?  I have to credit editor Cameron with more reason than that.  After all these allegations were being broadcast in the first national paper the United States had ever known.

Sapiro’s later career shows nothing to increase our confidence in his integrity.

For instance in Chicago in  apparent organizing activities ‘…he was indicted…on charges of conspiracy to restrain trade.’

In 1934, in another matter ‘…a former client accused Sapiro’s firm of investigating jurors…and not reporting it to the court.’

Both the above quotes are from ( )

I repeat Aaron Sapiro was a shyster lawyer whose motives in suing Henry Ford are suspect.


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