Putin For US President

Putin For President


R.E. Prindle

The Man For The Job

The Man For The Job

As a world citizen I need have no undue loyalty to the administrative unit of the United States.  As the Obamites have demonstrated the Constitution has little relevance with no need to be observed.  The US president need no longer have been born in the US as Obama himself is an African born in Kenya.

As a Kenyan he apparently has more global loyalty than he has to the US.  His concern for the well being of his beloved Africans is one of his more endearing traits.  However the Great Black Elephant now wishes to extend his authority in the African cultural manner to social and sports issues.

Himself allegedly having homosexual proclivities he has been inserting himself into Putin’s administrative unit, Russia, attempting to manage social issues there.  Putin has shown himself to lack much sympathy for people of Obama’s alleged sexual persuasion even refusing to make homosexuality a political issue as Obama is doing in the US.

This attitude has caused Obama to rear up on his hind legs.  As chastisement for Putin’s righteous and correct attitude Obama is sending a delegation composed of homosexuals to represent the citizens, all the citizens, of the US to open and close the Russian Olympics.

While there is nothing that can be done about Obama’s questionable sexuality I do not choose to be represented as a homosexual by such a notorious lesbian and deplorable person as Billie Jean King and the rest of her homo entourage.

I demand that Obama be removed from office to be replaced by Putin who can administer both territories at least as easily as Obama is attempting.  An election is not necessary as they are all rigged anyway as Obama’s two elections show.  But, if one is necessary for show, I have no objections so long as Putin’s people count the ballots or just give a 70% vote to him.  Why go to the all the trouble of actually counting votes.

Get rid of the abominable Obama; he has shamed his administrative unit.

Obama The Tender

Obama The Tender


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