Little Rock, Ocean Hill-Brownsville And Community Control Of Schools

Little Rock, Ocean Hill-Brownsville

And  Community Control

Of Schools


R.E. Prindle

The Negro Revolution didn’t end with the San Domingo Moment.  It began with it.  A shiver of realization of danger passed down the spines of Americans a mere hundred miles away in the years leading to the Civil War.  Would US Negroes do the same?  The Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow intervened.  Not until after the Brown vs. The Board Of Education Supreme Court ruling of 1954 was the conflict resumed.  This obtuse decision set off a train of crimes continuing till today.

Well meaning but ignorant Liberals thought they were doing a good deed.  They refused to understand the differences between the Negro mind and the Aryan mind, consciousness and experience.  The Negroes already had an established education system suited to their mentality, schools and more importantly Negro teachers. The teachers, by the way, all lost their jobs.

It was thought by Whites that Negroes were getting inferior educations so that the only remedy Liberals could conceive of in their condescension  was to put Negroes in Aryan schools but European and US Aryan culture had little relevance to the Negro mind, and, why should it?

The assault on Aryan schools by the well meaning but bumbling Eisenhower was taken up earnestly a la the Soviet invasion of Hungary.  Tanks and army troops were employed against US citizens to force them to do what was to their disadvantage, that is, admit Negroes to their schools.  They knew the resultant racial conflict would destroy the quality of their children’s education as has been proven to be true.

The Negroes befuddled by the works of Shakespeare and that old standby of George Eliot, Silas Marner, that had no relevance to their experience hence incomprehensible.  The curriculum of the Negro schools was discarded so that to the Negro minds the Aryans were committing cultural genocide on them which was true.  The Aryans however could not understand this.

The issue came to a head in the New York City school system about fourteen years after the Supreme Court decision in 1968.  The foreign world of teacher unions and the infrastructure of the NYC system became oppressive to the Negroes and they rebelled, justly so.  They wanted Community Control of their own schools as before the Supreme Court decision to set their own curriculum devised for what they perceived to be their own needs.

Thus the area of Brooklyn known as Ocean Hill-Brownsville was selected for the initial phase of their revolt.  While the disturbances at Little Rock and other place had been mild affairs with only token resistance by the Aryans the Negroes became righteously violent, closing the schools and throwing the Aryan and Jewish teachers out with extreme threats of physical harm if they came back.

In the Negro case the Army with its tanks and armored vehicles were not deployed for fear of actual warfare.  While apparently willing to kill Aryans in the years succeeding the Supreme Court decision the government actually feared hurting Negroes in their insurrection.  And the Negroes, not surprisingly, won, while the Aryans with their respect for Law, lost.

The NYC government under Mayor John Lindsay backed down surrendering to the Negroes’ demands.  Three years later NYC re-conquered the district but by that time Liberal insanity was running amuck as they bussed Negro students into Aryan school districts destroying educational standards.  The crazy Liberals fondly imagined Negroes would embrace the very difficult language of Shakespeare and the incomprehensible vanity of George Eliot.  I mean, you know, these works were difficult enough for Aryans who had little familiarity with the England of four hundred and one hundred years earlier.

So the point is what is wrong with the Negro position of Community Schools for both Negroes and Aryans with a suitable curriculum for each?  Why should Negroes be force fed Shakespeare and Algebra or Aryan Ebonics and slave culture?

Let each have their own schools as was the situation before the disastrous Brown vs. Board Of Education ruling.

Why not let reason and common sense prevail?


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