Pt. I: Henry Ford And The Aaron Sapiro Case

  Henry Ford And The Aaron Sapiro Case

Part I


R.E. Prindle

Hooray For Honkety Hank And His Hootnanny Automobile

Hooray For Honkety Hank And His Hootnanny Automobile

After nearly a century, one hundred years, the war between the Jews and Henry Ford is still waxing hot.  The Jews can’t or won’t let go.  If anything the internet has given them a new pulpit to rage away.  Even Ford’s The International Jew is readily available on the net.  At the bottom of the Sapiro Case lie the articles from Ford’s national newspaper The Dearborn Independent collected into the four small volumes that comprise The International Jew.

First let me say that Ford did not include all Jews in the title as is commonly believed.  Ford meant only those Jews administering and coordinating the international activities of the Jewish world community.  There can be no denying, no doubt, that such a governing body did and does exist.

Secondly:  Any criticism of the Jews for any reason is construed by them as anti-Semitism.  Ford’s goal was to put an end to anti-Semitism, that is solve the Jewish problem, as well as Semitism.  He believed that the Jewish Problem would vanish if put into the light of reason.  The end result of that would have been the loss of specialness inherent in the Jewish psychology.  Anything that challenges that feeling of specialness is anti-Semitism in the Jewish mind creating a psychotic reaction on their part per the group psychology taught by Sigmund Freud.

In the last few decades the Jews have been successful in creating a semi-legal status for what they call ‘hate speech.’  The concept is very ill defined and largely rests in the minds of paranoids.  Hence per the ADL ( ) the true impact of the Sapiro Case was an attempt to establish the legal notion of ‘hate speech’ by which all criticism of the Jews could be punished.

While it seems difficult to conceive of a punishment for a legitimate criticism it apparently can’t be too draconian for the Jews.  In France today where the Jews have established a law, saying anything a Jew does not like may result in a very heavy fine and a prison term.  The recent case of the couturier John Galliano is a point.

For those not familiar with the flap Galliano was taunted by Jews in a Paris restaurant.  Goaded into retaliatory remarks this portion of the encounter was filmed and then the filming was filmed by someone behind the first cameraman.  An obvious setup.  The Jewish participants were carefully excluded from camera range.

Galliano’s remarks were not delivered in a rancorous tone, merely a riposte to his tormentors remarks.

Charges were then brought against Galliano for anti-Semitism.  As a result of the mere charges Galliano was fired from posts worth at least ten million a year and then taken to court where he might have been fined a huge amount and given a prison term.  Then, perhaps someone just wanted his lucrative job as it was taken over by a Jew.  Coincidental perhaps but then…ten million a year!  Who wouldn’t?

Galliano’s loss of status was complete as he was shunned by all former acquaintances.  Taken to court he was convicted of a crime commensurate with a felony.  He escaped punishment on condition of making amends by crawling on his belly for the Jews.  At last count he had been so emasculated that he was considering converting to Judaism.

A hundred years earlier per Abe Foxman at ADL the Jews were attempting to establish laws in the US comparable to the French while making an example of the richest man in the US as they actually did recently of John Galliano.

As Galliano was provoked so was Ford.  We will get into that in future posts.


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