Da Boyz From New York City



Da Boyz From New York City


R.E. Prindle

De Blasio cleared the first hurdle on his run for the mayor of New York City with room to spare.  There is little doubt that come November he will be the mayor elect.  Then watch out.

I’ve been reading Mahler’s The Bronx Is Burning and Jonnes’ South Bronx Rising.  The lesson to be learned from those two books is that when De Blasio takes his oath New York City will go into dissolution, total meltdown.

The stage is set today as it was in the late sixties and early seventies when all social cohesion dissolved in the Bronx and that city  was left looking like Dresden after the firestorm.  That was no small thing, The Bronx had a population about as large as Detroit had in 1950 while the destruction was even more devastating.

Thus at the 1977 World Series as the flames of the Bronx licked the sky over the rim of Yankee Stadium Howard Cosell is reputed to have said:  Ladies and gentlemen; The Bronx is burning.

While myriads of reasons are given as a cause the reason is simple:  too much low quality diversity.  It was a racial thang.

As Jonnes points out the city bred Negroes were swamped by illiterate Southern dirt farmers who brought their rural values with them.  The Negro city culture was destroyed and now it is the turn of the rest of the city.  Overflowing Harlem the Negroes, or some of them, moved North to the Bronx.

At the same time, after WWII, some enterprising ex-airmen bought surplus Army planes and began ferrying Puerto Ricans from the island to New York.  Thus by the sixties somewhere between a half million and a million mainly illiterate non-English speaking Puerto Ricans were also crowding into the Bronx.

The two large populations between one and two million strong displaced the former immigrants while being outside the influence of Bronx government and unfamiliar with US law and society.  The result was inevitable.  All cohesion was dissolved and things just fell apart.  Thus The Bronx preceded Detroit.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn the district of Bushwick was being changed to Negro.  In the blackout of 1977 all hell broke loose and the Negroes looted and burned Bushwick.

The city is now poised waiting for the break loose moment.  Prognostication is a tough business as any weatherman can tell you but even they get right once in a while.

Putting on my seers cap, and I hope I’m wrong, New York City will all but disappear when De Blasio enfranchises the Negroes as is his promise.  Salisbury and Johannesburg will look pristine in comparison.  One more of the vanishing cities of the globe.  One of De Blasio’s campaign songs is This City Belongs To Us.

Watch out for the Boyz from New York City New Yorkers.  They’re coming for you.  Property values will drop like you’ve never seen before.



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