Jeff Bezos Goes Offline



Jeff Bezos Goes Offline


R.E. Prindle

So!  After a couple decades of being a premier internet innovator Jeff Bezos buys the nearly defunct Washington Post one of the most trashy Liberal papers around.

I mean the New York Times unloaded their Boston acquisition of a couple decades ago as a 7% solution.  That’s right, they got back 7% of the billion they paid for it.  That seems a little desperate doesn’t it?

Apparently all these newspaper companies are built on the model of Warren Buffett owning numerous other ventures so they’re still in business, merely dumping a money loser that as established press lords they can see no prospect of turning around.

Chicago’s Tribune Corp. is anxious to dump its Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.  Once two power houses.

Even at Time-Warner one of the oddest corporate matches of all times, diversity doesn’t pay that much, they’re desperate to sell their major namesake magazine division that is the Time part of the company.  AOL Time Warner.  First they dumped AOL and now Time, Fortune et al..  I knew Time had erased itself when they aligned with a movie producer and relinquished control.  The immediate first thing the movie people did was dump Time’s book division,  Just shut it down.

Then they turned Time into a shill of the ADL, AJC, SPLC and Israel.  Gosh, I wonder why their sales declined?

Which brings us back to Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post.  If he continues the Liberal editorial policies of the Post and the MM it’s only a matter of time before he tires of subsidizing the Post.  Therefore he must move to objective reporting rather than being an Administration shill.  He doesn’t have to go Right Wing but he does have to take a more cynical view of things rather than being a rah rah cheerleader.

If he is capable of such a daring thing he will be able to vault over the NYTimes, USA Today and all the crap journals.  I’ll even subscribe out here on the West Coast.  I’m ready for some objective journalism.  The reptile press can’t figure out why they’re going down or if they can they’d rather drown than swim with the times.  Remember those buggy whips?

Going objective will be a huge leap for Jeff while staffing the Post with an objective crew may be difficult.

We’re rootin’ for you Jeff if you’re our kind of guy.  But if you’re the limp wristed type maybe you’ll be able to get a dollar when you sell.


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