Absurdity Piled On Absurdity: Obama’s Housing Program



Absurdity Piled On Absurdity- Obama’s Housing Program


R.E. Prindle



Absurdity piled on absurdity.  The Yahoo News item is headlined  ‘Obama rejects ‘socialist’ label, urges bigger private role in housing market.

Read properly then, means that the housing industry has been all but nationalized by Obama’s administration.  The industry he says is under the control of the government agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Barry has been correctly self-identified as a socialist or Communist.  Barry is now going to ‘give’ private capital a bigger role.  So he is the position to dispense governmental favors to whom he pleases by an ‘executive order’ or mere personal permission.  In other words, a dictator and a socialist.

Barry has established a norm.  He is doing this, the item claims, ‘to limit the danger of another devastating bubble- and the risk that it could lead to massive government bailouts.’   So bailouts are to be expected normally, a matter of socialist policy. 

Following Barry’s patter of saying the opposite of what he intends, it follows that he wants to create the conditions for another massive ‘government bailout.’

He is quoted as saying that ‘private capital should take a bigger role in the mortgage market [bigger but not dominant].  And then adds, ‘I know that sounds confusing to ‘folks who call me a socialist.’  Folks?  The last I heard we were domestic terrorists.  Now we’re just next door folks?  Has Barry mellowed?  No, it’s just his usual sham.

What is his real intent that he wants ‘folks’ to swallow?  Well, he goes on to say, ‘our housing system should operate where there’s  a limited government role and private lending should be the backbone of the housing market’  It should be but Barry then goes on to say that that isn’t going to happen.  His government is going to be there and watching.

He continues:  ‘And that includes by the way, community based lenders who view their borrowers not just as a number.’

OK.  There’s a loaded statement.  ‘Community based’ must mean those of his community, as AG Holder so clearly stated ‘my people’, his community of his people, his sons like Trayvon who are not credit worthy.  In other words lending is not to be a business decision but a racial decision based on color and race.  The lenders notice a black skin and say, ‘Son, you have black skin privilege, you don’t need money, you are automatically approved.’

Lending as a social experiment means that if a Negro wished to buy a house for which he is totally unqualified he will be given the house.  Thus if he is unemployed and wishes to buy a million dollar house in a nice White neighborhood he is to be approved- automatically, black skin privilege.

While Barry has already stated he wishes to avoid a housing bubble he is actually doing the opposite and creating one.  Barry is simply a socialist racist as we ‘folks’ have labeled him.   What was the phony policy of Lenin’s NEP?  Anyone who falls for Barry’s bullshit…well…what can be said?


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