Reindustrialization Of The US

Reindustrialization Of The US


R.E. Prindle

We may have the next advance in the Money Trust/ Democrat strategy coming up.  Motorola  has come up with a new phone that is a major advance in Smart Phones.  The intend to build a factory in the US to manufacture it, one supposes for worldwide distribution, and the components are also to be manufactured in the US.

So now, having shipped manufacturing jobs out of the country it is apparently now planned to create manufacturing again.  This will apparently be governed by politics and social engineering.

The plant is scheduled for the Red State of Texas.  Other new manufacturing may well be probably focused in Texas or other stubborn Red strong holds.  Thus, let us say 1000 new manufacturing jobs are created in Texas with 400 secondary jobs created.  The Democrats then try to turn Texas Blue by boasting of the real, not government, jobs they’ve created bringing true prosperity to Texas.

There is more than enough manufacturing out there to do the same in other staunchly Red areas thus hopefully shifting them into the Blue too.

At the same time whole new work forces with new probably lower wage schedules will be recreated.  Of the factories shipped overseas the great majority of the work force was White.  That couldn’t have been changed without a great deal of friction.  A White work force will not be the case with the new factories.  They will likely be located in highly diverse areas so that while 60%+ of the US work force is White the new employees will undoubtedly be only 30 to 40% White with the majority Black, Brown and whatever.

The Whites employed will probably be women thus emasculating the White male in the Negro fashion where the woman has always been the provider.

While this may seem to be early to project a trajectory in the reindustrialization of the country this step is actually far along a trajectory that began in the Clinton administration, jelled in the Bush fiasco and is being deployed in the high humor of the Obama finale.

We know now what the goal is.  Assuming a degree of prosperity can be recreated by 2016 to show what Obama and the Democrats have done, defeating the combine in light of reindustrialization  may be very difficult.

The fight is just beginning and it’s going to be treacherous.


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