IQ, Intelligence And Reason

IQ, Intelligence And Reason

R.E. Prindle

Kleps, Arthur: Millbrook, 1975- Recension of 2005, OKNeoAC Pub.

Art Kleps was associated with Tim Leary at Millbrook from 1963 to 1968. Kleps formed his own Neo-American Church which is still in existence. Before turning on and flipping out he had been a school psychologist dealing with IQ testing. I quote this analysis from his memoir Millbrook concerning the differing intelligence of the races mainly because of the sincerity of Kleps and his knowledge of the subject and because in the quote he is lecturing to an all Negro audience in a pool hall. They understand and he was not molested. The analysis also points out the genius of Arthur Jensen with whom we should all be familiar. Pp. 199-200.


When America’s classic race problems came up I had reached the luminous, lucid and reckless stage of intoxication which had gotten me into and also out of the sugar-cube jam in Florida in ‘66, and I was ready to tell everyone about all kinds of stuff they had never heard before whether they wanted to hear it or not.

I drew two imaginary racial curves, with one overlapping the other, on an imaginary blackboard, to show why the difference in the Negro and Whites representation in special classes and graduate schools was not evidence of discrimination but almost exactly what any knowledgeable tests and measurements psychologists, such as myself, would expect based on the test score statistics. The means of the two races’ distribution of IQ scores were about one standard deviation apart, with the mean IQ of Whites at about 101 and the Negro mean at about 86. That meant that at the extreme low end and extreme high end of distributions, there would inevitably be differences of about ten-to-one in favor of Whites, which is exactly what happened in practice.

Environmental factors cannot account for the difference. All the research studies I’m talking about match for parental socio-economic status, and many are based on non-verbal, person-to-person test scores, not paper-pencil tests, which are less reliable. All of the many studies of identical twins reared apart have shown that 85 to 90 percent of the variance in intelligence must be attributed to heredity. The most likely IQ for any person picked at random is exactly midway between the mean of his parents’ IQs and the mean of the racial group of which he is a member. These are the same kind of probabilistic facts relied on by Resorts International to consistently make money at its craps tables, but the government insists on betting against the house.

Why? Well, who benefits?

There wasn’t a murmur of protest. Intelligent questions were asked in a respectful manner. Two handsome gentlemen of color who had been playing pool in the back room put down their cues and came over to listen.

At closing time, as we rounded a corner out of earshot of the bar, Billy said, “My God, I didn’t think we would get out of that place alive.”

Pish posh. I have delivered the same lecture to mixed race audiences in jails and prisons with the same absence of baleful consequences.

Although radical differences in intelligence are routinely observed between inbreeding populations within other species, like dogs, the mass media insists that all human races are about the same in average intelligence. This fantastic idea, contradicted by historical and everyday experience and mountains of scientific evidence, is none the less promoted by the oligarchy because it makes people with African ancestors think they are suffering from an incurable moral defect. “You can be anything you want to be, if you only try hard enough,” is this text, but the subtext is “you lazy niggers.”
At the same time a White working class is infuriated by “affirmative action”; busing and other forms of forced integration and propaganda on the tube that pictures miscegenation as a great idea.

This is a profoundly sinister and Machiavellian policy which deliberately stimulates racial antagonisms among working class people while pretending to deplore them.

The myth of intellectual equality among human inbreeding populations justifies the denial of genuine help to the poor; people with the mental ages of ten year olds, of all races, are told to go forth and become computer programmers and such like. It’s either that, or live in a cardboard box under a bridge.

There is a good reason to believe that the mean IQ of African Blacks is closer to 70 than 86, which is exactly what hereditarians would expect.

IQ is race linked, but the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that this is not so. All racial differences which appear in the occupational, educational and other statistics must therefore be ascribed to discrimination or perhaps to the baleful cultural consequences of past mistreatment of the inferior populations ancestors.

Well intentioned liberals and leftists in the United States are duped, as usual, and the working class divided, as usual, and the Right, which is usually wrong, can blame it on the Left, which is usually right.

How wonderful can things get?

Read Jensen, Arthur Ed.D. U Cal Berkeley, for the facts:

Educability And Group Differences
The Measure Of Intelligence
Bias In Mental Testing

All three books are models of superb empirical reasoning and analytical logic. They are clearly written and provide a wonderful introduction to statistics and the scientific method in general. You can then go on to The g Factor, also by Jensen, if you think you have the g to read it.

In the academic world, Jensen stands astride his subject like that mysterious colossus of old, which according to arcane history, once towered over the Aegean. Its balls were brass and clanged together and played “Stormy Weather”, while lightning shot out of its ass. His critics, such as Steven Gould, are mere midges circulating at the feet of this imposing figure and of no interest to anyone except creatures even more diminutive and ephemeral than themselves, who dance to the music of the spheres without knowing it.


So, really, the argument is closed although its opponents refuse to accept the facts. As Kleps said the continue to bet against the house hoping against hope to change reality.

The crimes perpetrated against geniuses like Arthur Jensen and James Watson for merely telling the truth must be redressed. Their detractors can be merely dismissed. No apologies are necessary nor will be accepted. You have shown who you are.


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