Not Responsible Or Negotiable

Not Responsible or Negotiable
R. E. Prindle

There comes a time when a race must wake up. That time is now. Aryans are not responsible for the fate or actions of other races. While the notion of amalgamating all the cultures of the world into one by immigration to ‘America’ was perhaps a beautiful dream it has proven to be an impossible fantasy.

‘America’ was an Anglo-Saxon or Aryan fantasia. It existed only in the minds of Aryans. Even as Aryans of the pre-Great War period imagined that all the various cultures imported into the US were embracing the Anglo-Saxon ideal the various cultures were reforming in reaction to the Anglo-Saxon or Aryan fantasy into powerful cultural nations.

After World War II they began in earnest to separate their cultures from the dominant Anglo-Saxon and with great resentment to it. Today they have declared their absolute separation from the Anglo-Saxon ideal to form, as it were, independent enclaves or ‘States’ that exclude other cultures including the Aryan from their midst.

Negroes have their own separate ‘no-go’ enclaves. Hasidim or Orthodox Jews are slowly claiming a huge swath from New York down to Jersey in which no others are welcome. Mexicans gather into enclaves from which they cleanse all but Mexicans. All these areas and peoples have all but claimed independence from the US wishing to live under their own laws and customs at the country’s expense. They all defraud the common treasury to a very great extent in one way or another.

It is time we Aryans renounce responsibility for these peoples. Cut the cord to the Aryan treasury, let them stand on their own.

If the Negroes wish to separate then let them separate. Give them Mississippi as their own African State; then load up a few trains and transfer Detroit’s population to Mississippi. The Aryans of Mississippi can migrate to Detroit and begin to rebuild that ruined and lost city. It can be built better than it was. Empty the whole State of Michigan of Negroes and declare it an Aryan Republic. If Liberals don’t like it tell them to shut up or git along down to Ole’ Miss where they can live with their own.

Consolidate the Hasidim and Orthodox Jews into a New York county or two and let them live out their insane Arien Age existence there. On their own. The same as Negro and Mexican territories. No foreign aid from the US. Their own doctors, their own hospitals, their own everything. Let them take care of themselves. Let them stand on their own two feet. Let them be responsible for their own welfare. We Aryans must be responsible for ourselves alone. An Aryan education for Aryans. Let Negroes and Orthodox Jews educate themselves, they can do it, and good luck to them.

Enough is enough.


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