The Aryan Cultural Crisis



The Aryan Cultural Crisis


R.E. Prindle

The current expansion into an incipient global culture indicates a significant sea change in the Aryan relationship to its own culture.  The expansion of globalism itself coincides with a critical moment in the evolution of the Aryan culture.  My generation is perhaps the end of Aryan culture.

In 1950 when I was approaching awareness Aryan culture was firmly in place, a model for the rest of the world.  But it was backward looking as our literature was still of the Victorian and Edwardian periods.  The development of culture was interrupted by the Great War of 1914-18.  Except for pulp literature that was unrecognized as cultural the 20s, 30s, and 40s produced very little writing that became an integral part of Aryan culture.  The ‘classics’ of the nineteenth century ruled.

Even as late as the 1970s the shelves of bookstores mainly contained nineteenth century novels.  In the last couple decades I notice the shelves filled with writers that quite frankly I’ve never heard of.  Writers with catalogs of seven, eight, nine or more too.  Even on the shelves of used bookstores classic literature is disappearing or being sold at very low prices.

There is much more of an emphasis on international titles and authors, not only European but Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, South American  and even a sprinkling of African.

At the same time the nineteenth century has quietly receded into a more distant perhaps even an ancient past.  Already slightly odd to my generation as writing styles have changed it has become foreign to the current generation or two.  It takes a certain learning to understand it.  Scientific and technological developments have placed it beyond understandability.  The reactions of the characters of old novels have no context in the current social, sexual and technological context.

Thus time, science and technology have severed current generations of Aryans from their past.  In addition current social conditions mock and disparage the founders of modern social, scientific and technological developments as those of old dead White men.  Thus the young of today are completely severed, cut off, from their origins.  They have essentially lost their culture.

At the same time literary contributions of Negroes, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Middle Easterners and others become their required reading so that any connection with their own Aryan past is disconnected and stays disconnected.  Aryan works either do not get published and if published get little or no promotion.

As there are only twenty-four hours in a day students have no time to forage on their own while as I indicated  they can only be really interested in works of the last twenty or thirty years.

What is true of literature is also true of music and movies.  Few if any of any generation usually show interest in the cultural achievements of their predecessors taking more pride in what they themselves are doing.  Thus if the current generation is only shown the work of other cultures, if their minds are filled with those cultures to the exclusion of their own then they will have to create their weltanschauung from a collation of other cultural influences.

Thus we will have the unprecedented situation in which the multi-millions of volumes in our huge libraries will be ignored, unread, except by the very few of a curious disposition.

If one visits today’s college campuses one is dismayed to find the student bodies made up predominantly of non-Aryan students, many barely speaking English, to whom those vast collections of books have no relevance whatsoever.  What can Huckleberry Finn, thought of as the greatest of American novels, mean to them?  If Aryans find, say, Balzac incomprehensible, Dumas beyond comprehension, perhaps even Sherlock Holmes beyond the pale of understanding what can they possibly mean to hordes of students not even familiar with contemporary American culture?

Think of it.  Perhaps millions of volumes in, say, the Berkeley library of the University of California untouched for decades to come.

We are indeed on the brink of a strange new world, a world in which Aryans will inevitably be swallowed up and disappear leaving behind millions and millions of volumes to oblivion.  Thousands of years of history and scholarship down the memory hole.  In a way it like the ancient classical world that disappeared leaving the Jewish bible as the dominant text of the past.  It was only two thousand years later that archaeology exposed the derivative nature of Judaism.  What does the future hold?


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