The Jews vs. John Galliano

The Jews vs. John Galliano


R.E. Prindle

How’s This For Blonde?

The great European Affaire Galliano has not yet ended.  A little over a hundred years ago the great Affaire Dreyfus raged through France setting the country at loggerheads.  In the great Jewish war against Europe the Dreyfus Affaire established the Jews as a semi-autonomous culture within France.  One wonders what the Galliano Affaire is meant to achieve.  Perhaps only redressing Dreyfus by inflicting a humiliation on a Franco-English hairdress… uh, I mean Fashionista.

The Jews have already forced through a French law making it a criminal offense to utter a single word of criticism about themselves.  Perhaps the Galliano Affaire was provoked to show that no star is bright enough to escape retribution for the least, the very least, of utterances spoken in obscurity, almost one might say, a dream, while the persecuted is so draconically punished out of all proportion to the imagined offense that anyone with even a shred of ‘anti-Semitism’ in their heart will be cowed into submission.

Thus, while Galliano escaped any punishment at the hands of the French court save being criminalized, the Affaire is being reopened on the issue of whether Galliano can be allowed to be rehabilitated to the rank of a mere human being.  He has been excommunicated if not outlawed.  One would consider this as subject for the opera buffe, a comic opera, if it weren’t so serious for Galliano and actually the future of France as an independent country and not a satrapy of Israel.

Thus the July 2013 issue of Vanity Fair features what must be a 10K word article supposedly pleading for Galliano’s readmission to the human race and possible reinstatement to gainful employ.  The article is written by one Ingrid Sischy, an assimilationist Jew.  Naturally a Jew would be selected to reintroduce Galliano to humanity.  I don’t know what Vanity Fair pays for very long articles, possibly 10 to 25K or even more, but the Jews continue to profit from the Affaire to the exclusion of Aryans.  Twenty-five thousand might be pocket change in those circles but still, it does fill the tank.

Apparently the enormity of a drugged out, drunken Galliano’s response to harassment as a poofter by a Jewish woman in a Paris street bar is such that two years after the verdict the wound is still fresh in the hides of Jews that even the Chief Rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, another assimilationist Jew going by his first name, is still smoldering.  P. 121:

Ingrid Sischy


Not everyone has believed it to be appropriate to have Galliano in their midst.  Gilles Bernheim, the chief rabbi of France, rejected requests to meet with him.


But, to be fair and balanced, same page:


On the other hand, Rabbi Barry Marcus, [another assimilator] of Central Synagogue, one of London’s oldest Orthodox synagogues, has begun a dialogue with Galliano.  The designer attended a service one Saturday morning…wearing a tallith and kipa.


So, just as Dreyfus returned from Devil’s Island, Galliano is being drawn back from limbo.  Apparently a tit for tat.  Marcus is holding out a warming hand to the sinner to raise him from his degraded depths:


As a Jew and a rabbi, if anybody makes a mistake- and we all make mistakes- built into Judaism is the concept of giving a person another chance, or forgiving.  So much of who we are and how we operate as human beings is built on that very principle.


Well, gosh, yes.  Magnanimity is just so Jewish.  One can’t be more holy than the Jews.  Such magnanimity is seldom seen on the planet other than in Judaism.    But let’s look at Galliano’s so-called crime and its circumstances.  Miss Sischy begins her article with this dramatic paragraph:


May as well face the worst of it right away, so here it is:  The transcript of a cell phone video of an encounter at La Perle, a bar in Paris’ Marais district, which stunned the fashion world, and millions of people outside that world, with its mix of inexcusable anti-Semitism, childish bile, and outrageous obscenity.  The video was first posted on the Web site of the British tabloid The Sun on February 28, 2011, and immediately went viral:

Woman:  “Are you blond?”

Man:  “No, but I love Hitler.  People like you would be dead today.  Your mothers, your forefathers, would be fucking gassed, and fucking dead.”

Woman:  “Oh my god!  Do you have a problem?”

Man:  “With you?  You’re ugly.”

Woman:  “With all people.  You don’t want peace?  You don’t want peace in the world?”

Man:  “Not with people that are ugly.”

Woman:  “Where are you from?”

Man:  “Your asshole.”


If the above is accurate there is no mention of Jews whatever.  Apparently the subject of world peace as a non-sequitur is uppermost in the woman’s mind not Judaism.  For the people who gave us Lenny Bruce to complain about obscenity is obscenity itself.  The Jews who were responsible for breaking down the barriers of bad language now complain because someone  follows their example.  There is no mention of Jews so there can be no anti-Semitism in the above quote.

As to the woman asking ‘Are you blond?’ that would imply that the first part of the conversation has been omitted.  We are at a loss as to who first initiated the exchange or how provocative it may have been.  ‘Are you blond?’ is either a taunt or a sexual invitation.

There is also a question as to how Galliano would have known the woman was Jewish. It is true that the Mastermind of All Time, Albert Einstein said that he could tell a Jew at sight from a mile away but few Aryans can.  Since the woman wouldn’t have appeared to Jewish to a besotted, drugged out poofter like Galliano then I have to assume that she announced that she was Jewish.

While Galliano may be highly regarded as a fashion designer by Fashionistas, I see him a comic costumier and in the video I saw he was amusingly at his best.  An obvious poofter even to the untrained eye.  Was the woman mocking his sexuality.  I’m afraid we may never know now as that evidence has been deleted.  As this incident was an obvious set up, and I do know set ups, I suspect the Jews themselves were the obvious culprit creating a faux ‘anti-Semitic incident as is their wont.

How outraged did they really think those millions were?  And if millions were outraged, which is questionable, how many other millions, myself included, merely laughed and said:  ‘Here they go again?’  I mean, this isn’t the first time the trick has been tried, or the second, or third, or….

The court itself didn’t take the accusation seriously.  Their own investigation undoubtedly revealed that there was a great deal of provocation and misrepresentation.  Of course, the idiotic self-serving law is on the book.  Galliano wasn’t even adequately represented which is suspicious in itself.  But, as a law had been ‘violated’ I suppose the court was obligated to adjudicate it.

While it was possible to give Galliano jail time as well as a mega fine the court chose to impose no sentence while fining him only minimally and then suspending it.  I’m sure there is Freudian significance to the number but not being French it is beyond my ken.  This may be interpreted as a slap in the face to both this particular law and the Jews.  Both are absurd and somebody other than Galliano should be ashamed and shamed.

One is forced to believe the incident was merely a publicity stunt a la the Dreyfus Affaire to obtain not only a semi-autonomous status but a full autonomy above and superior to the French state and people- in effect a coup, a seizure of government so to speak.

While it isn’t possible for the Jews in the US to recreate their French position they have at least grouped themselves with all sub-cultures in the US against the dominant culture with their Anti-Aryan Hate Laws.  The US Constitution makes their progress a trifle more complicated but as part of their global plan they are only a step or two from autonomy above the US government.

It is time for a big anti-Semitic plot to be discovered in the US now.  From where it will come, who  the designated villain will be is unknown.  John Rocker?  He’s already been used up.  Who then?  Where?  When?

Oy Vey, What Next?


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