Asymmetrical Warfare In The USA



Asymmetrical Warfare In The USA

Toward The San Domingo Moment


R.E. Prindle

The memory of slavery gnaws at the Negro mind like a cancer.  The great Negro slave revolt of San Domingo stares at them reproachfully from the past.  Only White blood will blot out the humiliation.  The stage is being set.  Weapons and ammunition have been acquired by Homeland Security and placed in armories throughout the land.  The most significant cities of the US have been occupied and secured by the Negroes and their allies.  The genocide of Whites is poised for the home thrust.

We have the option to fight or commit suicide, that is fall without resistance.  Oddly our will and intelligence seem to be paralyzed.  To the MSM and most of those posting that I’ve read our position seems fatal.  I can’t see why.

The Negroes have placed themselves in a weak defensive position.  Consider medieval times when people placed themselves in forts or castles.  The forts had to be strong enough to resist a determined siege.  If the walls were wooden they were burned; if stone they were battered down.  The besieged met their fate.

In their cities the Negroes are dependent on water, gas, electricity and food.  All four come from outside the city and are beyond Negro control.  Prevent food from entering and that old fashioned WMD starvation comes into play.  You can’t defeat it.  Cut off water and the WMD dehydration takes effect; fatal without fail.  Gas and electricity are essentials in both summer and winter.  Buildings are constructed to build up and intensify  heat without air conditioning; you freeze stiff without heat.

Offensively we are much stronger than we need to be; it only requires will.  We don’t need jet planes, tanks or artillery.  We need the will to use the natural weapons that we have to either bring the Negroes to reason or if they wish to pursue their San Domingo dream, so be it.

The odds are on our side.  They are concentrated; we are dispersed.  We just have to watch our backs from the Liberal Whites.


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