Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind


R.E. Prindle


It isn’t that it couldn’t be seen coming.  The racial disaster of the United States should now be apparent to all.  The deterioration  of Detroit has been descending for decades.  The ethnic cleansing  by Negro Detroiters  drove out half the city’s  population reducing the city to ruins as buildings great and small stand empty waiting to fall.

With municipal income reduced by as much as two thirds, spending went on apace until the city’s debt stands now at an estimated, I said estimated, 15 to 17 billion.  Seven hundred thousand unemployed citizens can never repay perhaps as much as 20 billion.  The real figure may never need to be calculated as Detroit must go bankrupt.  As emergency manager taking control of the city from its official government  appointed by the State of Michigan to command city officials was  Kevyn Orr, another Negro.  The State undoubtedly appointed a Negro to avoid the rancid unpleasantness appointing a White would have caused.  For any who aren’t aware, after the cleansing Detroit is 90% Negro while being half vacant.

In an effort to raise money, obviously from anywhere, Orr has proposed to sell off the art collection of the Detroit Institute Of Art, one of the great museums of the US and the world.  The collection is valued at multi billions.  The art is the result of one hundred twenty-five years of accumulation almost all of which was acquired through civically conscious donors, both art and money.

Detroit is unable to support the museum so that in an effort to save the museum the three Detroit counties, Wayne, and two White counties Macomb and Oakley, agreed to a tax to supply the money.  So while both the building and art collection is actually owned by the City of Detroit others now have an interest in the museum.  A lengthy law suit appears to be inevitable.

In having essentially cleansed Detroit of Whites making the city a Negro municipality, the Negro city manager, Kevyn Orr, is proposing to cleanse the city of a major White institution to cleanse the city of any memory of its White past.  One may expect the renaming of at least the major thoroughfares at any moment as the Negroes claim the area as their very own, which in fact it is.  Like it or not the city is now an African country.

The collection of the museum itself is described as multi-cultural, which is to say it follows  the eclectic nature of the White mind.  The collections feature artifacts from all the world over, the Disneyland approach.

The structure housing the collection is magnificent itself.  A building and grounds on a choice location on Woodward Avenue downtown of 658.000 sq. ft. containing an 1150 seat auditorium, a 380 seat lecture/recital hall, an art reference library and a state of the art conservation service laboratory.  None of this is essential to Negro culture, it can be disposed of as so much garbage.

The situation of Detroit thus reflects the state of affairs throughout the country.  No one seemed to notice or analyze the situation as city after city has gone majority Negro.  In scores of cities the majority populations are now Negro, the old majority of Whites in the process of being cleansed.  The cleansing of course is euphemized as White Flight.  The demographics  of American cities has been shifted out of White control.  They are now part of what may be described as a separate or seceded Negro nation within the country.  Forts commanding the countryside.

Just as the Detroit Institute may be liquidated per Negro desires another development should be noted.  That of many major American universities.  Nobody seemed to notice or care but many universities are now surrounded by fully Negro neighborhoods.  Temple and UPennsylvania.  UChicago, USC, Columbia and a host of others, even the 203 acre Wayne State in downtown Detroit.

In order to protect the faculty and students from Negro violence on campus these schools maintain private armies, excuse me, police forces with UChicago being perhaps the largest private police force in the world.  It also polices adjacent neighborhoods to keep the Negroes at further bay.  Without these private police the universities would undoubtedly be forced to vacate their campuses as UChicago very nearly did before they adopted their defensive attitude of what might be styled martial law.  Students and faculty were harassed so badly both faculty and students were leaving.  Now they live in an uncomfortable war zone unable to leave the campus in fear of grievous bodily harm.

These campuses themselves are virtual museums possessing fabulous libraries into the millions of editions and other art assets not counting historic buildings.  These are multi-billion dollar plants.  Moving and rebuilding would be disruptive to a generation’s education and cost other multi-billions.  It can’t be afforded; it can’t be done.

On campus the students are forbidden to possess defensive weapons while the campus police would be unwilling to fire on invaders while being too few to offer any resistance, and probably are forbidden to do so.  In the current Swedish riots the police did nothing to interfere with the rioters but when the Swedes finally became aroused enough to push the rioters back the police arrested them.  So the situation is very critical.  Attitudes must be changed.

The carnage and destruction would be horrendous.  At the very least the Negroes could cut off access and egress thus shutting down the schools.

The situation has now passed into direct confrontational terms.  Short of dealing with the situation in a military manner, which will never be done unless the Negroes aggressively provoke a response, it is difficult to see what Whites will do about it.  Wring their hands and whine, plead for order, grovel, what?  What is clear is that Negroes and Whites are now two separate nations with two separate agendas.

It is also difficult to see how, short of armed revolt, the Negroes can press their advantage home.  Between the cities and the national government under Obama  the country and municipalities can be bankrupted and Whites progressively impoverished as the money gives out, but then what?

This does appear to be the arrival at the crossroads.  Which route are we going to take?


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