The State Of The Union



The State Of The Union


R.E. Prindle

If wars were won by feasting,

Or victory by song,

Or safety found in sleeping sound,

How Liberals would have made us strong.

But honor and dominion

Are not so maintained,

They’re only got by sword and shot,

And this we Aryans know.

–Rudyard Kipling (with minor emendations.)

     The Union is disintegrating.  As Abraham Lincoln said the Union cannot stand half slave and half free but he also believed the Union couldn’t exist half White and half Negro.  A hundred fifty years hence that understanding of reality has come to pass.

Adolf Hitler in his despairing days in the bunker before the defeat of the Third Reich, grasping at straws, opined that as no other multi-cultural  State had ever survived the hodge podge of the US was living on borrowed time.  He too was correct although premature in his expectations of its demise.  The Soviet troops arrived before doomsday USA.

But now, today, both predictions have come true.  While we were all more concerned with our stashes rather than keeping our eyes on the bouncing ball, Whites fled almost all the major cities letting Negroes become the majority race in them.  Thus with few exceptions the major cities are all majority Negro having become African colonies, seceded in all but name.

Thus, within a few years, the US will become an Afro-centric country rather than a Euro-centric one.  African mores will prevail I expect within a very few elections, I suspect  that fully fifty percent of Congressional seats will be held by Negroes, both male and female, White and other females will hold at least thirty percent with other races holding five to ten percent with the pitiful remainder going to White males.

As Hitler gloated on his electoral success, democracy will have triumphed and as with Hitler’s success will be ended.

While Whites talk of setting up independent White territories Negroes have acted and so have their Jewish allies; both are block voting Democrats.

An interesting article in the April 28, 2013 New York Magazine titled Them And Them by one Benjamin Wallace-Wells, Jewish despite the name, details the virtual secession of Rockland County New York by Hasidic Jews.  The article is worth seeking out and reading.

( ) -that was quick and easy wasn’t it?

While complaining about being ghettoized the Jews have always chosen to huddle thus appearing as invaders and colonizers rather than immigrants.  This was most conspicuous in the post WWII invasion of the Hasidim.  In this case the Hasidic Jews occupied the town of East Ramapo in Rockland County New York.  Once in possession US laws have been supplanted by Jewish law, not unlike what the Semitic Moslems are attempting to do with their own Sharia law, as one may say, as an Israeli overseas outpost.

According to Wallace-Wells the Hasids are extremely inbred producing a very high level of mentally defective children.  As a self contained foreign unit on US soil, for a while the Hasids were able to finance the liability but as the number of defects apparently mushroomed the Hasidic Jews found that they could no longer do so.

Being the majority population of Rockland County, as Negroes are the majority of large US cities, the matter could be handled ‘democratically’ a la Hitler, that is to say the Jews elected themselves to county positions thus expanding their base of operations from East Ramapo to the whole county.  Once in charge they just began to financially rape the majority, as the Negroes and Jews are doing to the US, for their own, as it were, personal use.

When the non-Jews objected the then school president, one Daniel Schwartz, representing the Jewish idea of democracy told the rest of the county point blank:  “You don’t like it?  Find another place to live.”  In other words, love it or leave it.  The Jewish love of minorities had evaporated.

Another wise old Talmudic Jew turned the situation into a case of, well, what else?, anti-Semitism.  Yehuda Weissmandl the school board vice president whined:  “People can’t stand that this community has turned out to be what it has turned out to be.  They want to see us gone because I have a yarmulke on my head.”

An obtuse one he; you object to financial rape and you’re an anti-Semite.  Well, we know how that one works.

The point however is that the beloved Union of Lincoln has been torn asunder as Rockland County has effectively seceded from the Union.  It’s a Jewish principality now and if you don’t like as Daniel Schwartz says:  Eat it!

This secession situation currently in its early, or at least unrecognized state,  is bound to accelerate into hundreds of no go areas.  Southern California for instance.   The Jews and Negroes are going to create their own legal code as they secede so what is holding Whites back from doing the same?  I’ll answer, the failure to accept the lesson of 9/11/01 that the present became the past while the future would evolve from that present.  It was a new world requiring a new response to ‘multi-culturalism.’  Unfortunately we were ill led by the idiot president George Bush- The Great Decider.

Our task then is to accept that what was is no longer and that we have to deal with that reality to create our future; to hell with everyone else.  Multi-culturalism is dead.  Nothing with us has changed internally, our ideals are intact but the union of the United States is now divided at present into three countries, Negroes, Jews and Aryans with Mexicans and Chinese waiting in the wings for their share.

If we do nothing we end up dead or slaves so my suggestion is that we do something.  And do it beginning today.


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