Here We Go Again- Are Jews Intelligent?

Here We Go Again:

Are Jews Intelligent?


R.E. Prindle

Steven Gimbel

Though this notion (Nazi dismissal of Jewish science) seemed tinged with anti-Semitism, in his new book Einstein’s Jewish Science, philosophy professor Steven Gimbel makes the surprising and uncomfortable claim that there might be a Jewish way of thinking…


What is this joke that the Jews have used many more times than three running  and it’s still successful?  What game of canards is this? Of course there’s a Jewish way of thinking or they wouldn’t be Jews would there?  Apparently everyone has known this for millennia except apparently the Jews.

Is the Jewniverse writer unaware of Barbara Spectre’s Paideia movement seeking to replace, as she says, European knowledge with Jewish knowledge?  By which she means the superstition of the Talmud over European science.  Thus Spectre’s Paideia organization states unequivocally that a specific body of knowledge that she is reluctant to identify is particular to Jews and Jews alone but not shared by Europeans and others.  The Chinese can apparently take a hike too.

Steven Gimbel of Gettysburg College has written a book he titles Einstein’s Jewish Science that has set Jewniverse magazine agog.  If Einstein were raised as a Jew, as he was, then his mind must have been filled with Jewish knowledge that he acknowledged as Jewish as well as European science that he acknowledged as European.  But, as European science had invalidated Jewish religious knowledge as well as all religious knowledge or wisdom literature, if one wished to continue as a Jew one had in some way to validate Jewish superstition against European science.  The Relativity Theory was Einstein’s attempt.

As Spectre formulates the problem it is necessary for she and her fellow Jews to state clearly what she and they think Jewish knowledge is and present it for discussion contra Western or European science.

If she and her fellow Jews are unwilling to do this then we, the West-European Culture, are under no obligation to take this so-called Jewish knowledge seriously- we can dismiss it out of hand.  A forfeit in sports terms.

As for Einstein, he posits the objective existence of Time as the basis for what is little more than his philosophy.  In point of fact many foremost scientific minds have stated that Time does not exist.  I, myself, can find no proof of the objective existence of Time.  So, until the question of whether Time has objective existence is resolved Einstein’s theories are in limbo while Einstein himself is merely a Jewish Talmudist, a Rabbi.

So, folks, let’s get on it.  Barbara Spectre to maintain any credibility at all must produce some sort of Jewish knowledge that can be proved out as European science can be proved out.

Barbara — put your canards on the table or leave the room.

Barbara Spectre of Paideia


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