It Takes A Village…? Part Two

It Takes A Village…?
Part Two
R.E. Prindle

The Communists, like the Africans, and also the Semites, prefer static unchanging societies. They have correctly understood the family unit as the engine directing psychological and intellectual evolution, thus, in order to return to the primitive condition it is necessary to destroy civilization. Freud presented their argument in his pamphlet Civilization And Its Discontented.

What then is the goal of the Communist version of the communal upbringing of children? The first point is to destroy intellectual differentiation, bringing all intellects to the same level. Education breeds differentiation so education must be destroyed. Wealth breeds differentiation so everyone must be reduced to economic equality, property must be declared criminal. Individual families breed differentiation so the family must be destroyed. It is imagined that these actions will create ‘equality.’ Only when all marks of excellence are destroyed can a just society be created Communists believe.

Of course philosophically there doesn’t have be any thought of how such a program can be realized. But on a practical basis how is it to be achieved? Now, anyone who has experienced the village and the family experience can tell you the result.

I spent a few years in the orphanage which is to say in the ultimate communal situation although the armed forces come close. There is constant bickering and fighting as the most aggressive seek to bring all others under their control. Only then can they feel secure. If the situation was controlled at all, which it wasn’t, it was only moderated by the administrators and the house mothers neither of which would acknowledge who the aggressors were. Thus crime and violence is the communal norm as ‘equals’ squabble for dominance or the position of ‘first among equals‘, or in other words, masters and slaves. This is what ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ means.

Thus in the current social struggle here in the US, the Global Money Trust is seeking to establish dominion over the ‘slave’ classes. An equality of ignorance is being sought as totally ignorant people are being hauled out of the jungles of Africa, not unlike the slave days of yore, diluting the established scientifically educated Old Stock.

Manufacturing has been shipped out of the country while the hordes of ‘new’ people are given preference for the mainly government positions available. Thus those with merit are pushed aside while the incapable take their place. On a local scale this replicates the situation in places like South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The better and educated and much feared White male is placed at the bottom of the employment ladder. University student bodies are currently roughly 60% female and when you factor in the huge foreign male population the domestic White male may represent only 25% or less of the student bodies. Thus he is slowly reduced to or below the common level.

He is taught in school to not attempt to excel. Now as ignorant as can be he will be easily manageable . Slave material shuffling along.

Thus a two class society like nineteenth century Africa is aimed at- the Global Money Trust masters and a racially homogeneous slave force. At the same time science and technology are producing more easily managed robots which likely will be able to replace humans to a very large extent. As only a limited number of humans will be needed to perform essentially menial tasks that matter will undoubtedly be solved in the manner of Huxley’s Brave New World.

To begin with it may be necessary to eliminate four or five billion people who are currently overburdening the planet. No problem. You think it won’t or can’t be done? Consider, in the eighteenth century an age old social order in Scotland was willfully scuttled. For centuries the Highlands had been structured along the lines of Lords and common retainers – essentially masters and slaves. Then in the eighteenth century the Lords discovered that now that there was peace with England there was more money in raising sheep than there was in maintaining human retainers. What to do with the human sheep of little monetary value? Run them out of the country breaking the trust of centuries.

The highlands were turned into sheepwalks while as the Americas were still new and thinly populated the retainers were driven off the land, to the coast, forced aboard ship and sent to Canada and the US.

A century earlier when the Irish were proving troublesome to the English, Cromwell, that great Puritan leader, rounded up tens of thousands and sold them as slaves in the West Indies. You heard right, sold as many Irish as possible in slavery where they worked cheek by jowl with the Negroes. Expect no mercy.

During the Irish famine of the eighteen-forties the English systematically removed all food stuffs forcing millions to emigrate to the Americas or starve to death. You are foolish if you believe not only that such things can’t happen again but even that they aren’t happening now. What do you think is going on?

An entire generation is being educated for slavery in our schools now and that is the only education they’re getting. It takes a village to enforce slavery; it takes a family to rear free men.

Awake! You are expendable. Take action while you still can.


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