It Takes A Village…? Part One

It Takes A Village…?
Part One
R.E. Prindle

Among the great Communist ideas for transforming society is communal upbringing of children. Supposedly a loving family environment is dangerous to society as it inculcates individual ideas. The Red propagandists led by their beauteous cheer leader Mrs. Clinton counter with “It takes a village to raise a child.’ This is supposed to be a West African saying where one is led to believe that children are not parented but communalized.

As the West Africans have discovered this ideal solution to child rearing it may pay to examine the ideal society that this ideal method has produced.

In the first place there are numerous West African legends concerning social and political organization having been brought to them by legendary White people; that is that sometime in the last millennium shipwrecked sailors landed on the African coast where they tutored the Africans in the rudiments of social living. Rudiments is the key word here.

Prior to the Whites obviously destroying their even more tribal or perhaps even more dissociated living, I mean they might have been real cavemen, Africa must have been totally perfect although without any of the comforts we poor irrational Whites have come not only to expect but demand. And of course the poor Africans corrupted by White comforts have moved further and further from their primitive perfection.

Back then, and I stress, back then, when whole villages reared the village children while parents apparently counted for nothing but baby machines, West Africans had evolved the perfect social organization in which 30% had enslaved the remaining 70%. Such was the situation in the nineteenth century. This social arrangement of course solved the employment problem for the 30%, who perhaps preferred not to do the dirty work the 70% were compelled to do it will they, nil they. Of course, slavery was benign amongst these primitive people unlike the savage practices of more civilized peoples.

So these poor shmoes apparently devised a communal method of rearing the village’s, not the parent’s, offspring. Mrs. Clinton applauds them furiously. While this plan may or may not have reared a jolly lot of kids, beaming joyfully as they slaved in the fields, they remained too stupid to improve their lot doing little to advance creature comforts until the next wave of White people arrived, not to show them how this time, but just give the goods to the beaming children of a communal upbringing. No wonder they’re said to be laughing all the time.

And now this example of perfection is recommended to us by the Communists as the ideal solution to our civilizational problems.

Unfortunately our Red savants seem intent on re-introducing slavery in support of such communal upbringing.. But shifting into an almost sci-fi mode lets look at the probable consequences of such perfection as imposed from above. Follow along in Part Two.


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