A Vote Of No Confidence

A Vote Of No Confidence
R.E. Prindle

While formal impeachment of the Obama Administration may be improbable if not impossible nevertheless the American people give Obama a vote of no confidence. It is unlikely if not impossible that Obama can make his administration beneficial for the American people. When Obama’s AG, Eric Holder, says that citizenship for illegal immigrants is their ‘civil right’ he obviously is working from a different agenda than the electorate.

Violence during the Obama administration has jumped and is increasing at an exponential rate. Negro violence since the advent of the administration has sky rocketed from individual attacks on buses and subways to mass paramilitary attacks on various institutions. Flash mobs organized by social media as only the Obamites have devised can make any street, any building, any store the object of an assault that materializes and dematerializes before your very eyes.

Mass shootings while not unknown pre-Obama have increased at an incredible rate and increasing magnitude. They seem to be linked by a common organizing mind. No matter how violent or destructive they may be Obama seems to respond with a ‘tut, tut, too bad but please show how civilized you are, no backlash permitted, learn to take your beating calmly.’ Thus an insane terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon where many were killed and scores maimed for life is dismissed as unfortunate while the US is not going to become barbaric by treating the Moslem perp as an enemy combatant, that he may or may not be an American citizen is irrelevant, he is ideologically an enemy of the people, instead he is to be given an expensive multi-million dollar show trial. Clearly the Obamites themselves are enemies of the people, we can have no confidence in them.

On the economic side the Beards led by their star spokesman Paul ‘Beard’ Krugman mutter economic nonsense as though they were savants. As Krugman has pointed out Obama is surrounded by Beard economic advisors heeding their rantings. After having exported American manufacturing leaving millions upon millions unemployed having given trillions to bankers as a stimulus the only stimulation has been to unemployment. The economic clown Beard Krugman in an effort to transfer even more trillions to his bloated cronies is now mocking us by suggesting that perhaps the problem of unemployment has been overlooked, poor bastards, but the solution is giving more ‘stimulus’ money to the Beards.

Judging from past results this should stimulate unemployment to even greater heights. Confidence in the Obama Administration? No, not possible. The Obamites have adequately demonstrated that they are enemies of the people committing egregious crimes against humanity. That goes for Krugman and his Bearded wonders also.


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