Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest: Three Less Than Great Presidents

Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest;
Three Less Than Great Presidents
R.E. Prindle

A few decades ago I read an opinion in which the author stated that the US would fall apart once the last WWII generation president was succeeded by the boomer generation. I intuitively understood his prediction to be true. I was apprehensive then when Bill Clinton (b. 1946) was elected president in 1992. The apprehension was immediately justified and iterated. Without necessarily being in order Bill immediately requested blow jobs from his female interns: Under the desk and get to work Monica, faster, faster. Then had the crust to deny it.

When Bill heard that a religious fanatic from Waco going by the name of David Koresh was possibly having his way with some fourteen or fifteen year old underage girls, in a pique of jealousy Bill shouted ‘We’ve got to protect those girls from that pervert’, he knew whereof he spoke, and called out, unbelievable but true, the Army. Tanks rolled into Waco, (which thankfully was not named Prague or there would have been hell to pay) blasting away at the religious compound, setting it ablaze and incinerating those underage girls. Mission accomplished, shouted Bill, we saved those girls from molestation. Good job, Bill.

Pleased to show his statesmanship in the Waco instance, Bill then turned his attention to the former Yugoslavia, further from Washington even than Waco, where the Moslems were contesting the territory with the Christians. Having already shown his aversion to Christians Bill called out the armed forces once again to crush the Christians while bombing their country back into the stone age, thereby giving his blood thirsty lilith Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright the chance to buy into the privatized Postal System of newly liberated Kosovo. Madeleine apparently learned how profitable postal systems were from the US example.

Madeleine herself was only a nominal American, like us all an immigrant, having grown up in numerous other national cultures, unlike most of us.

When challenged about using the US military for essentially private ends Madeleine blustered: ‘What’s the good of having the most powerful military in the world if you don’t use it?’ Impeccable but expensive logic Madeleine but then you know how girls love to shop.

Thus while Bill is often referred to as our first Black president he was also our first Feminist and, People, could he ever pick ‘em. Remember Janet Reno?

One thing you can say about Bill is that he kept a stiff upper lip through it all as well as another member. Nothing fazed that boy. While he is alleged to have a huge IQ he seems to have been of low practical intelligence.


As proof that you can’t kill a dead horse the dumb Bill Clinton was succeeded by the even dumber George W. Bush (b. also in 1946). One is appalled by the dumbness of George and tempted to say it couldn’t get worse but…it did.

For some reasons Americans had no clue that their government’s intransigent position toward other peoples of the world wouldn’t have adverse consequences even as those consequences were happening. Good god, a couple three or four embassies were blown sky high and Clinton just shrugged them off. Madeleine Albright just said: What, me worry?

George had no sooner settled in than some Moslem invaders lifted a couple planes from the Boston airport and flew them fully loaded with jet fuel into New York City’s Twin Towers. What was George’s reaction to this devastation as he left the kindergarten class he was teaching to return to the White House? He said: This sucker is going down. No, no. Not yet. That’s what he said at the other end of his term after he had bankrupted the country.

Did he bankrupt the country? Well, he was the Great Decider, wasn’t he. Oh yea, as the towers plummeted into the subway George said: Oh, for Christ’s sake go shopping, buy something. Then in an inexplicable reaction he shut the country down lock, stock and barrel for something short of a week. All air flights were grounded and a hush fell over the country from that I can tell you. Of course, it bankrupted the airlines, but what the hell? TV networks ran for days without revenues.

Having seen dumb we were not witnessing dumber. The Bushes having had a generous hand in looting the Savings and Loans in the eighties, George now aimed for bigger game, Fanny Mae and the whole housing industry. A little more complicated then the Saving and Loan piracy, having given trillions of dollars in loans to people without money or income to nominally ‘buy’ houses and now that no mortgage payments were coming in and those non-existent mortgage payments having been bundled into insecure securities the bankers complained that they were likely to go broke. Nobody saw this coming. George asked the taxpayers for a trillion dollars to give to the bankers apparently feeling sorry for them. When Congress was reluctant to comply it was then George cried: If you don’t give it to me this sucker is going down. He didn’t care, of course, because his term was up and Dumber was passing the baton to Dumbest. Along came Barack. Zippity doo dah.


And now we come to the acme, the ne plus ultra of dumbness, the truly great Barack H. Obama (b. 1961, maybe) It’s not like we weren’t warned if we didn’t know already. The Reverend James David Manning of New York City warned, if you elect this man he will trash your country. Thank you Reverend Manning; Barry didn’t get my vote, not that that mattered.

Just after George had asked for a trillion for the bankers, Barack asked for another trillion for them although having learned from George’s example he didn’t say: Or else this sucker is going down. He didn’t have to; it went down anyway. But no complaints were registered from the banking quarter. Just from some gun totin’, bible thumping iggerunt hillbillies from the sticks who had to move their toilet back out doors because they could no longer pay the water bill. Though shit! Said Barry the Compassionate. And it was too.

The arrival of Barry was not all bad news. The murder rate has shot way up under Barry with some of the worst gun violence ever seen. Loughner, the Denver theatre shooting, the New Town Massacre and now the Boston Marathon Bombing. Guns, knives, bombs; what’s next the LSDing of the water supply. Ban all that stuff I say.

In emulation Of George of the Towers Boston was completely shut down for a day or two while the Army called in with armored vehicles spending tens of millions of dollars to track down one lone individual who apparently was holed up in a beached boat in some guys back yard with a bullet through the throat. A new high in hysteria.

People were warned to lock their doors and not come out no matter whether the house was on fire or not. So maybe a hundred million dollars was either spent or lost in business while the US Army and combined Boston area police forces worried about a 19 year old who must have been bleeding to death in some guys backyard with a bullet through his throat.

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest have a lot in common.

Well, to mention all the peccadilloes of Barry the Iniquitous would be time consuming and outside the borders of this discussion so I’m going to have to close the borders of this inquiry and fence errant thoughts out, and all their kin too.

Actually Barry should have been fenced out. Poor frustrated Alan Keyes shouted at Barry when running for US Senator: You weren’t even born in the US. Barry who was a constitutional scholar shouted back: I’m not running for president; I’m running for the Senate, stupid.’ Alan knew better. So we got dumb, dumber and dumbest. Remember the wag who said the people get the president they deserve?

He said it, not me! Leave me alone.


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