Demographics And A Probable Future

Demographics And The Probable Future


    R.E. Prindle

The time to view the US as a White country with minorities has passed.

While US figures indicate a White majority of from 60 to 72% if one looks at the actual distribution of the White majority it is restricted to non-urban areas.

When looking at urban numbers rather than countrywide percentages there are 40-45 million Negroes and +- 60 million Mexicans or Hispanics. Sixty million Hispanics is something like three New York States or California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Nevada combined. Presently the majority of Hispanics are illegals hence theoretically unable to vote so their legal political power is circumscribed. This could change rapidly.

So, in most cities Negroes are the majority population while Whites are a distant second. If one visits demographic sites one quickly realizes that Jews are an invisible presence in the census but a dominant presence culturally. Presumably they are included among Whites although in reality they are allies of Negroes and should be included in that demographic. Thus 5% should be subtracted from White stats and shifted to Negroes. In addition 20 to 30% of the White vote can be relied on to vote with the Negro Bloc as well as will all other ethnic blocs.

Thus it can be seen that Negroes while a much smaller countrywide percentage are actually in control of the majority of larger cities. Cities such as Detroit, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta and of course DC are either all Negro or close to it.

Thus while American cities are in Negro custody, US laws are fashioned to facilitate their takeover of the US. All laws are unconstitutionally designed to prevent White combination, that is in lawful assembly, either in offense or defense.

It seems that this situation has slipped under the radar unnoticed by any media.

If one looks closely one will find that for Whites the situation is much more dangerous, even desperate, than countrywide statistics would indicate. Suffice it to say the cities are lost and cannot be reclaimed peacefully. Whites are at the mercy of any legislation the Negro majority alliance wishes to pass, especially with the Federal government under Negro administration.


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